Your RFCP Questions Answered!

NORTHERN LIGHTS, UKAHALA–The most random, pressing, and head-scratching questions about RFCP canon answered!

We asked the soldiers this week, and these were the most esoteric pieces of RFCP trivia they wanted to know. And yes–there IS an answer to all of these obscure questions! Commander-confirmed (all quoted answers were provided by him).

  1. Why are the semi-annual Feddie Awards not an even 6 months apart? They take place in January and August every year, which are 7 or 5 months apart.

“The first Feddies were in August of 2019. This placed the ceremony at the end of the war season, which consumes the summertime months of June and July (these months typically show an uptick of activity for armies with school being out). In this way, the awards were placed at a good “finale” point to RFCP’s season. It would be natural to assume that the winter Feddies would occur in February, 6 months later, in line with Oscars season. However, January is a difficult month for armies. It follows Christmastime (and so in comparison seems drab and dormant) and is a low-activity point with school being in session. The winter Feddies were chosen for January so our soldiers had something immediate to look forward to in the New Year. Of course, since a committee for planning the 2022 summer Feddies in August has already been announced, perhaps the hype after the holidays would not have been any less if we had pushed the winter Feddies to February! It seems committees arise earlier and earlier! In the current tradition, however, the true Feddies die-hards out there will still have a longer wait time after the winter Feddies than after the summer ones.”

2. Why is Vizconde (which translates to “Viscount” and is the rank reserved for the Spanish-speaking RFCP Marines head, currently held by Viz. Don) only 4ic, equal to Colonel, while the other geographic ranks (Admiral for the Navy (AUSIA) and Red Baron for the Air Force (EU)) are 3ic, equal to General?

“This is a good question. The answer is that when the Vizconde rank was created, our AUSIA and EU divisions were larger than our Spanish-speaking division. The AUSIA and EU divisions also have drastically different time zones, which required the heads of these divisions to have ample authority to run the server, and sometimes even a battle, while the Commander (who is Army (USA) time zone) was away. With the Marines, time zones were often closer to that of the Army time zone, and therefore the Commander could preside. I do have an interesting piece of trivia relating to this question, however. RFCP was the first army to establish a division solely for Spanish-speaking soldiers, which garnered a lot of media attention in CPA and eventually led to the RFCP Civil War (which, tbh, was RFCP vs. CPAM or whatever the lame acronym was at the time. We still won, though. Read this and this.). Anyway, for a time, the RFCP Marines had some powerful Spanish-speaking figures enlisted, including native Spanish-speakers Kerx and Jeremito (Yes! Unlike Red Baron and Admiral, of which there can only be one each at any one time, I authorized that there can be more than one Vizconde at any time). Considering the possibility that our Marines division could grow into a pretty large force, we entertained the idea of adding a second Marines rank which would be equivalent to the 3ic General rank and which only one person could hold at a time, like Red Baron and Admiral. I had proposed, “Conquistador, 3ic” to precede “Vizconde, 4ic.” We certainly hope one day the division will grow large enough to warrant a 3ic rank equal to General, Admiral, and Red Baron.”

3. Why don’t Officers have BB salaries for their service?

“This question is easy! RFCP Officers do not receive a BB salary because it is a privilege, not a right, to be an Officer. This is one of those Prior Bumble quotes that has existed since the first era. Serving as an Officer of the RFCP is a prestigious honor that is its own reward.”

Those are the bizarre questions which came up recently in the server! Do YOU have other questions about “Why do we do things that way?” or “Where did that come from?” Let us know and it could be featured next time!

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