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A Complicated Relationship: CPAM and RFCP Looking Back

NORTHERN LIGHTS, UKAHALA—Read on for an editorial on the interactions of CPAM and RFCP, and a fun report on how a few nostalgic users are necromancing this dead organization today.

Club Penguin Army Media (CPAM) was a community news site with a few league elements such as judges upon request and battle rules ratified by democratic votes. It identified mostly as a news site, however, as they counted every army in existence for their Top Ten, including armies from different leagues. I have gone on record stating that I reported there, made two posts, did terribly, insulted a fellow reporter, and (reasonably) got fired. But did you know that the RFCP actually worked with CPAM for a while?

CPAM and Prior Bumble’s league, Club Penguin Warfare (CPW), rose concordantly (at around the same time in late fall of 2019/early winter of 2020). Ayan viewed CPW as competition, pushing CPW staff to consider combining Top Tens, whereas Prior attempted to avoid direct comparison and set apart CPW as an independent entity. Eventually, however, CPAM gained traction surpassing CPW, and CPW was nuked–hacked into and destroyed–by Eden and Flen in April of 2020.

These events led to the New Millennium era of RFCP history, which saw RFCP tentatively try to integrate back into the community run by CPAM. World War 8 and the Campaign of Rectification eras would also see jurisdiction under CPAM, and RFCP commended the surprising fairness that Ayan and Emcee exhibited during the controversial raids RFCP waged during the latter campaign. They also were compassionate to the demolition of CPW. CPAM would prove to be opponents of RFCP, however–permitting the posting of several hateful editorials about us (while not permitting a rebuttal/response editorial by us) and ultimately refusing to publish the selection of Prior Bumble as a 2019 Legend.

Conclusively, CPAM and RFCP’s relationship historically can be described as complicated.

In July of 2020, CPAM closed, as their CEOs Ayan and Emcee stepped down from their positions. Their replacement, Pookie437, decided to merge CPAM with the Club Penguin Online Army League (CPOAL). Both leagues dropped their respective names in favor of a new name, Club Penguin Army Hub (CPAH).

Following this news, everyone shared their memories, final blog posts were made, and people moved on--JUST KIDDING THE SERVER IS STILL ACTIVE IN 2021.

Like other fallen army organizations, Ayan, Emcee, Pookie, Max, and everyone involved decided not to shut down the server after CPAM itself shut down due to archival interests. So some people, like me, who were too stubborn to move on, will now just chat there for all eternity. 

Granted, there are only four channels–three of which you can’t type in–and a voice chat, but it’s still amazing how more than half of a year has gone by, and what should be a deserted memorial server is still brewing with daily conversations. A small “resistance,” comprised of people like me, make sure that not a single day ends without at least one message being sent to the ruins of #general-chat.

Ever since the 20th of January, a consistent streak has been kept, mainly between three individuals. Army of Club Penguin’s (ACP) sawfishpro 0 (also known as Teddy Bobo), Rebel Penguin Federation’s (RPF) ferdthebird1, and your favorite annoying little nuisance, Major Arne of the Recon Federation of Club Penguin (RFCP). A couple of other individuals come through the server on occasion, and there are some few and far between mod interventions, but these three are the key players in this eternal limbo.

I sat down with Ferdthebird1 for an exclusive interview to discuss what the present-day CPAM server is up to, and the plans for the future of the dead, and revived, entity.

Arne (A): Hello, Ferd!

Ferd (F): Hello, Arne!

A: How are you doing?

F: I’m doing pretty good, thanks for asking 🙂

A: How’s the current CPAM community?

F: In all honesty, it’s actually pretty active! People might take it for dead, but in reality it’s still popping!

A: What’s your favorite thing about the server?

F: My favourite thing about the server is how the people in there are pretty chill and refuse to let CPAM die out.

A: What do you like to do there?

F: I like to see what the members are up to and how they spend their time. And then there’s you, always entertaining us by telling [us] how many essays you’ve written because you’re bored. It’s really productive.

A: How long do you think we can keep the streak going?

F: It’s going solid at the moment and I don’t think we’ll get inactive so easily. I would say at least until CPAM’s closure reaches its one year anniversary.

A: What do you want to tell RFCP?

F: Aah, I wish they have a great, happy day and keep being awesome! And I want to tell them that CPAM is still alive, if you thought the other way. Maybe it can even be revived in the future!

At the end of the interview, I gave our dear Ferd a pat on the back and a free Lunchables. The CPAM gang is pretty chill, always putting aside their army differences and just having a fun hangout, proving that even though we may come from different armies and countries, we can all be united in the Club Penguin Community if we treat each other with respect.

What do YOU remember about CPAM? Leave us a comment below and let us know your thoughts!

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With Prior Bumble

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