After CPW’s Close, RFCP to be Counted in CPAM Top Ten

After the destruction of Club Penguin Warfare (CPW) at the hands of terrorists on April 9, 2020, Club Penguin Armies Media (CPAM), CPW’s longtime competitor and critic, displayed immense compassion.

“That day broke all our hearts,” said Prior Bumble, CPW admin and RFCP leader. “We received DMs from former CPAM rivals like Emcee and Ayan expressing their sympathy.”

Despite the differences, and sometimes even the hostility, between the two organizations, the cyber attack on CPW brought both sides together against human indecency.

CPW was hatefully hacked and its vps deleted by an anonymous terrorist. Some suggested Club Penguin Online (CPO) was in cooperation. Now, that theory appears to be less certain. CPW staff tried to make sense of that day and communicate clearly with their player base.

Posts in CPW #announcements.

Because the assailants gained access to CPW’s user data and demonstrated a willingness to enforce real-life threats, Prior made the gut wrenching decision that closing CPW was the safest thing he could do for all his members.

Note: Although it seemed clear at the time, it has not been proven that CPO was behind this attack, and new evidence suggests it could have been a small coalition of 2-3 independent terrorists. We may never know for certain.

At that time, leaders from the Os Mascarados, Penguin Army Force (PAF), and the former Shock Troops messaged Prior their deepest condolences and respect. No matter how much we dislike each other, armies from both CPW and CPAM agreed that no one should have to suffer from such heartless behavior as hacking and malicious data harvesting.

Kerx, a legend, leader, former admin, and dear friend of Prior Bumble, gave heart to the newly homeless CPW members. And the support did not stop there.

“You’re not weak nor cowardly,” Emcee said in Prior’s DMs, regarding his decision to close the league. “You’re being smart tbh.”

Naturally, RFCP took time to heal and function alone as a family after this event. Prior respectfully declined Ayan’s offer of the position of “Editor in Chief” at CPAM.

Time passed, and RFCP continued to do what it always does: overcome adversity with spirit and bravery.

“Originally, the army planned to remain independent from the non-CPOAL army community that remains,” said Prior. “But after numerous blog posts, raids, coalitions, and war declarations from CPAM armies unable to keep ‘R-F-C-P’ out of their mouths, we, with humor, realized we were in this community whether we acknowledged it officially or not.”

Why not also be in the Top Ten then?

Prior Bumble clarifies the extent of RFCP’s engagement in CPAM and provides statements on RFCP’s non-recognition of the #nations claims.

CPAM waved the army aboard. But Pookie, CPAM Producer, invited Prior to join the discord as a leader anyway, a gesture of solidarity.

“You know what?” Prior smirked. “I’ll think about that.”

For all other RFCP soldiers, the order to not enter the CPAM server has not been lifted at this time.

One thing is for certain though: had most of the CPAM staff (note, the staff, not the membership, which RFCP continues to disassociate with) not been so considerate in attempting to work with RFCP through these trials, this union would not be occurring. RFCP has grown fond of its isolation. But it is also a war army with fiery aggression. This move goes to prove it continues to be a center-stage force in armies.

Starting this week, RFCP’s events will be counted in CPAM’s Top Ten, and, as it did before, the news site will continue to write about us as they please.

These new Top Ten posts will be released every Sunday and are likely to evoke CPATG nostalgia for RFCP members who have served that long. It will provide even more motivation for our soldiers to give the purple and black their all.

We look forward to being “tops” as usual. Erat ipso sacra into this next chapter.

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