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NORTHERN LIGHTS, UKAHALA—Do you want to know how blogs are made? What are the different types of blogs? Are you wondering how you can post things on the RFCP website? Read on for an exclusive look!

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Writing is one of my hobbies. That should come as no secret to many, as I (Major Arne) have posted more RFCP blogs this month than anyone! I used to be a 3/10 reporter in Club Penguin Army Media (CPAM) last year, and I plan to be a writer when I grow up. You may get enjoyment from blogging here if you already like to write, but if not, perhaps giving it a shot will make you start liking it! Blogging isn’t as intimidating as it seems; you have many options, and our team is very friendly.

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The blog writing room.

There are many different types of blogs! We have:

  • Informative/event reports
  • Fictional narratives
  • Deep political analysis/editorials
  • Game blogs
  • History blogs
  • Interview blogs
  • Official statement blogs

The main type of blog you will see are informative blogs, which are the blog equivalent to a newspaper report. Overviews of recent events (such as a training or practice battle), new development announcements (such as a new rank or medal, for example), and those types of things fall under the category of an informative blog. A recent example of an informative type of blog would be Col. MicroHamster’s blog, RFCP’s Furby Frenzy, covering Gen. Sillabye’s brief takeover.

This is pretty much what you would expect of a blog, and most army blogs are ONLY about informative posting, but not RFCP! There has recently been a bit of a renaissance on the RFCP blog; other types of blogs that I mentioned are on the rise, and have overshadowed standard news reports.

Narrative blogs are much more creative in the sense that they are short stories, or almost fairy tales, for public consumption. Our most popular narrative blogs are the Bumble Ancestors blogs. Recently, we also featured The Stolen Watch. Narrative blogs are arguably the most fun to write, and it is one of the easiest places to start for people who like writing but don’t have the confidence to start reporting news.

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Narrative blogs are a great deal of fun, and we have yet to see a full-fledged story that isn’t a fictional family tree, which is something that I’d personally love to see made by some of the people interested in joining the RFCP Times-Dispatch.

Write a fictional story about what’s going on with these soldier penguins!

Political editorial/deep analysis blogs are one of the most difficult to write, and so far have only been accomplished by Commander Prior. An example would be something like this. For these blogs, one would have have to do a bunch of reading and research. Deep analysis blogs aren’t very newcomer friendly, but it’s still an interesting type of blog to tackle, once you feel like your blog skills have grown.

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Speaking of research, all blogs should be accurate! In order to write my latest Feddiegate blog, I had to read through roughly 330 pages worth of the #feddiegate chat and then write a comprehensive timeline, and then compare and contrast with information in #news.

And lastly we have Statement, PSA (Public Service Announcement), and Declaration blogs. This is a text that most reporters don’t get to write, as it’s usually made by the Commander-in-Chief, like Prior Bumble’s statement, CPA IS NOT UNITED, in 2020.

Giants & Pilgrims | August Ideas and Activities Around the ...

That is a basic breakdown of every blog type, so let’s recapitulate. You decide what your blog type will be, then you wrote a draft. But what happens next? You can send a direct message to Col. Microwaveable Hamster, our lead blog writer and editor, or dive in to the RFCP Blog Reporters server, where all of our major blog discussions happen.

In the server, you will send your draft to #submissions, where it will be checked over and edited by Col. MicroHam or some editor (such as our beloved Commissar HamsterLover). They will polish up your article, fix your grammar, spruce it up a bit, and act as a safety net for anything that might slip through the cracks. Once editing is completed, the editor will post it on the RFCP blog website, so Prior Bumble can hit the official “publish” button.

Once uploaded to the official RFCP website, your blog will be given a #news shoutout, and a banker will award you with $200 Bumble Bucks for your work. Not too shabby for just writing your ideas on a virtual sheet of paper! 

The art of blogging is rewarding from all aspects: You get good money, positive feedback, you help the army, and improve your writing skills. Writing a well-received blog is an all-around happy and satisfying feeling that I just love. So, what are you waiting for? Start writing today! 

For further questions on how YOU can get started on your RFCP blogging career, leave us a comment below, or send a DM to Col. MicroHamster today!

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