RFCP’s Furby Frenzy

NORTHERN LIGHTS, UKAHALA–As a furry little monster takes over the RFCP server, Colonel MicroHamster goes behind the scenes with the creator of one of the most…interesting RFCP theme days to date.

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The blog everyone asked demanded for is finally here!

On the evening of Wednesday, January 27th, RFCP members logged on to find a few things turned upside down in the RFCP server. Channel names, nicknames, even role names had been completely transformed to fit a new image of RFCP… the Royal Furbies of Club Penguin.

Many members of the RFCP recoiled in absolute horror at the grotesque display of what many were calling “admin abuse,” despite Commander CoolJ giving his permission for the server to be redecorated.

Others, however, were more accepting and joined in the praising of the Furby gods.

Who could possibly be responsible for the madness and pure evil that had taken over the server? The answer here should be obvious: our very own resident Furby Goddess, General Sillabye.

But why?

After bringing in her furbyfriend to see the absurdity for himself, we seemed to get a pretty definitive answer as to why the Furby obsession had gotten started.

However, I decided to go straight to the source to get an inside look at the mind of our Furby-obsessed General.

M (MicroHamster): Why Furbies? Why not Tamogatchies or something else [literally ANYTHING less terrifying?]?
S (Sillabye): I watched a video about Oddbody Furbies and, well, it was a meme and now it grew to an obsession.

M: What was it like having the server be full of Furby for a day?
S: A literal dream come true.

M: Do you actually own any Furbies?
S: I do; we actually just moved and I own about seven still at my parents’ house. Plus I bought one off Etsy last week.

M: What’s your favorite Furby you own?
S: This baby I’m waiting to come in:

M: What is your dream Furby?
S: I want the spider Fruby, even though I hate spiders. Also, if I could purchase the one in my pfp (profile picture), I would be the happiest in the world.

The aforementioned profile picture

M: Do you speak any Furb-ish?
S: I do, but it’s a secret, sacred language I cannot share.

M: If given the chance, would you visit Furby Island?
S: Well I was born on Furby Island, so I’d love to go back home.

S: P̵̐̚R̶̅̈Ắ̴I̷͂̇S̶̈́Ė̸̔ ̴͛̏F̸͐̅U̶͒̃R̸̅͝B̷͋͊Y̵͋̚.̷̈̄

By the time our interview concluded, the RFCP server had thankfully been put back to normal.

What did YOU think of the Furby-themed RFCP? Leave us a comment below to let us know your thoughts!


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