The Importance of Recruitment

NORTHERN LIGHTS, UKAHALA: Colonel ShyGuy steps into the spotlight with his very first blog!

As you all know, the main reason RFCP is an army is because of recruitments. After all, how would anyone have known about RFCP unless they were invited or recruited by someone? Every army does recruitments to gain soldiers, but did you know that RFCP has its very own Recruitment Coalition?

The Recruitment Coalition is a division in the RFCP that focuses strictly on recruitment. Led by General Anilia, this division offers assistance to people who are learning to recruit, and also helps organize group recruitments!

However, I have seen a lack of recruitment effort from several people, and that results in some tough love from the officers and having multiple pings at events when we don’t have many people online.

This number is weeeeeeeak.

It’s common sense to recruit, so why not recruit a friend of yours and/or advertise RFCP in another server?

If you need any more incentive, recruiting is the most high-paying job you can do in RFCP, with $25 Bumble Bucks earned per new recruit. We also have recruitment competitions from time to time that can bring you in even more Bumble Bucks and help get you to (or closer to) your goal of getting that Billy Bot Thornton pillow (available in the RFCP store).

So get out there and recruit, or, as General Anilia would say:

Not really.

– Colonel Shy Guy

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