So You Think You Can Be an Officer?

NORTHERN LIGHTS, UKAHALAMajor Arne is here to tell us all about Commander CoolJ’s newest Officer Training Program.

So, you think you have what it takes to become an RFCP officer?

According to our Commander–the coolest of j’s, Coolj–you don’t. Yet!

And that’s why, due to promotion demands by many Majors like yours truly, Coolj decided to reinvent what a Major (and Captain) has to do to make the jump to Officer. 

It all started with a #news post the 23rd of January, 2021. We were fresh off the heels of the 4th semiannual Feddies, and the third feddiegate, WHICH I CRACKED ON THIS BLOG POST Coolj randomly made an announcement to all Majors and Captains stating that all soldiers interested in a promotion should DM him. I, naturally, followed suit.

Coolj then spilled the beans in my direct messages.

Initially, the quota required to take the next step towards Officer was recruiting 3 soldiers and hosting 3 events. After completing both, I (as a Major) would be awarded with a moderator role and would start moderating the server for a bit. If the soldier in question were a Captain, he would be promoted to Major and would sometimes also be able to moderate the server, depending on experience. I personally managed to get the recruits, but more information came on the 25th of January in the GC (Group Chat) with all 6 Captains and Majors that had asked about becoming Officers. 

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Coolj made the announcement in said GC that, since there were a lot of people fighting for the promotions, now they would have to recruit 5 soldiers and plan 5 events, and 3 of those events must be Club Penguin practice battles. For Captains looking to reach Major, the previous requirements would still apply, with the exception of an additional task: attending 5 events.

You would expect, thus, for RFCP to be thriving with events and new recruits. And it has been, to some extent. This also marked a brief revival of our Telethon server, in which I may or may not have had a sabotage battle against DJ.

But with all of these requirements, who will be the first soldier to beat all the tasks and grab the promotion to Field Marshal and Officery? We don’t know yet, but I sure as hell will be there to try.


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