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BLOG! Quarterly Statistics for the RFCP Website Released

NORTHERN LIGHTS, UKAHALA: Behind-the-scenes data regarding the RFCP blog. If you love the RFCP blog, you’ll be fascinated to study our latest stats.

In our recent post taking an in-depth, comparative look at the PRA and the RFCP, we noted that the RFCP blog just recently surpassed the PRA in total website traffic. Now, RFCP blog releases an official update on the statistics observed by the website, including graphs of our site visitation and overviews of our audience patterns. Because we find this so interesting (and we know you’re all blog fanatics), we will attempt to publish quarterly updates.

To view the last official stats report, click here.

Charts and Tables

Our first table is posting activity–in other words, how many blogs there were per month. Note how November and the end of January–early February were the slowest months. This may correlate with the absences of Prior Bumble, as he had distanced himself from armies in both occasions at those times. The heaviest months were May and August (August with slightly more), both summer months with high soldier engagement and community interest.

The next two graphs are website views per month, and the daily averages of views per month, respectively. Note how May achieved the highest views, but according to the first chart, August had slightly more posts than May. It is possible that World War 8, which occurred in May, bolstered May’s visitation numbers past that of August despite having fewer posts. Overall, RFCP is seeing almost 40% more visitors in 2020 than we had in 2019, consistently for every month except October, which has not yet completed.

Let’s focus on the word count in this table. Our blogs have accumulated 57,020 words in 2019, and, so far, 75,106 words in 2020 (before this post!). The traditional length of a commercial novel is between 60,000-85,000 words. Speaking in industry norms, RFCP has essentially written two whole novels with its blog posts. While 2019 saw less words (and remember, we only were founded halfway through 2019 in June), the average word count for the post was higher at around 700 words to 2020’s 600 words. Did we just learn to communicate in memes in 2020 better than in 2019? Maybe so.

The most popular day and hour has shifted since our last stats publication. Previously, Tuesdays at 9:00 p.m. EST held the most attention of our readers at 17%. Now, you can see the day and time has changed, but the percentage remains the same.

The “Best views ever” was July 30, 2020. Why? Simple! That was the day we held the I-SPY Scavenger Hunt on the blog, which tasked readers with clicking all through the old posts to find hidden RFCP flags! Those clicks added up!

RFCP blog insights does show some areas of weakness–namely, we continue to average only 0.02 comments per post (meaning our readers do not frequently comment), and we have 7 followers–including one CPAH Reporter, Max. Hi, Max!

Some goals of the blog are to not only post once a day, but thrice a day; increase commenting engagement; increase subscribers; and, of course, keep providing the highest-quality writing and army news.

What do YOU conclude by analyzing this quarter’s statistics? What stats not shown here are you curious to know about? Let us know in the comments!

(Seriously, let’s get those stats up!)

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