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Get to Know Commander CoolJ

Northern Lights, Ukahala: RFCP Reporter MicroHamster sits down for an interview to help you all get to know RFCP’s newest Commander.

On 19 September 2020, RFCP saw the retirement of our beloved Commander Prior Bumble. In the wake of Commander Prior Bumble’s leave, Commissar CoolJ stepped up to take the role (but not the hat) of Commander for RFCP. Now, we have an exclusive interview with RFCP’s affectionately-nicknamed “Coolmander” to find out more about his day-to-day life.

MicroHamster (M): How do you feel about being the new Commander for RFCP?

CoolJ (C): It feels great I’m excited to be your next cult army leader

M: You’re a very busy person with school and all of that, so can you tell us a bit about what goes on in the daily life of being CoolJ?

C: Usually I wake up, live for a bit, go to school, pay attention like 10% of the time, then I live for the rest of the day.

M: Do you have any hobbies or things you like to do in your free time?

C: In my free time I’m usually playing a video game.

M: What’s your favorite video game, or type of video game?

C: I can never pick a favorite anything because it changes every week, but right now it’s Tomodachi Life; and my favorite type is probably RPGs (role-playing games).

M: I assume you snack a bit while you’re playing? What’s your go-to favorite snack food?

C: Popcorn.

M: Caramel, butter, or do you like it a certain other way?

C: Butter, but caramel is good to. I like all types of popcorn.

After the interview was complete, it gave me an idea for our “question of the day” and a mini-game for RFCP and our other friends: What is your favorite snack food?

Using the chart below, match the person to their favorite snack food!

Comment below and tell us: What is your go-to favorite snack food?


Answer Key: A-4 , B-9 , C-8 , D-6 , E-2 , F-5 , G-3 , H-1 , I-10 , J-7

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