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RFCP’s Awesome Autumn “Eventmas” Results

NORTHERN LIGHTS, UKAHALA: RFCP kicked off the fall season with a second “Eventmas.” Now, the results are in. How did your team rank in our festival of fun events and friendly competition?

Last week, RFCP entered the fall season with a series of fall-themed events, echoing the first “Eventmas” the army held back in the summer. Officers were appointed as team leaders to both plan activities and get their teams active to achieve points.

The teams are as follows:

On Sunday, the 11th of October, Eventmas kicked off with a fun game of Skribbl, hosted by the Silver Ghosts team. We hit a max of 7 for the starting event and had a great time.

On Monday, October 12th, the Silver Ghosts hosted a game of Among Us and reached a max of 7. The teams had a great time figuring out who the impostors were and working together as crewmates.

On Tuesday, the 13th of October, team Bobbin’ For Hamsters hosted a wholesome Bob Ross painting event. We sat down together and followed along to a Bob Ross “Autumn Glory” painting tutorial and attempted to keep up with the professional artist. We maxed 6 and had a peaceful evening.

October 14th started off with a training event hosted by team Marine Gang, maxing 9. We sharpened our skills and had an awesome time.

Following the training event, the Silver Ghosts hosted a Spooky Stories event, maxing 5. For the event, we all gathered at the cove and listened and told scary (and kid-friendly) stories.

October 15th was the biggest day of Eventmas, packing in a total of three events into one day!

We kicked of the day with a Monsters, Inc. style practice battle, hosted by team Bobbin’ For Hamsters. We maxed 7 and had scary good fun.

After the practice battle, team Silver Ghosts hosted a sled racing tournament, maxing 7. We had a lot of laughs as we took turns racing each other to see who the best sled racer was.

Immediately after the sled racing tournament, the teams headed to MicroHamster’s igloo for a game of Bobbin’ For Bumble Bucks, hosted by team Bobbin’ For Hamsters. The teams picked water tanks each round to determine how many Bumble Bucks they won. We maxed 8 and everyone in attendance was a winner.

Friday, October 16th, was another big day for RFCP. We started out with a Ghost Hauntings event hosted by the Silver Ghosts. With our max of 11, we put on our ghost costumes and roamed around haunting the island.

Shortly after the haunting, RFCP members headed to a costume party hosted by team Bobbin’ For Hamsters. We had a max of 7 and had a lot of fun dancing and hanging out in our costumes.

October 17th we saw a max of 11 at a training event. We practiced some new tactics and formations and sharpened our skills.

Following the training event, we headed over to do the candy hunt held on CPArmies, hosted by team Bobbin’ For Hamsters. We maxed 6 and filled our baskets with all the candy we could find!

October 18th was our final day of Eventmas. For the last event, we headed to the stage for a performance of Night of the Living Sled. We maxed 5 and gave the performance of our lives.

When all was said and done, our total max for all of Eventmas was 89; averaging in at about 7 penguins for each event. By now it is clear that the two real contenders in this contest were the Silver Ghosts and Bobbin’ For Hamsters. Did their aggressive performances scare off the other teams from trying to catch up? The results are as follows:

1st: Bobbin’ for Hamsters (Hamster)
2nd: Silver Ghosts (Shy Guy)
3rd: Team Priority (Josh)
4th: Vampire Knights (Anilia)
5th: FEDDIEGATE 2.0 (Coffee)
6th: Marine Gang (Don)

Congratulations everyone! We hope you all enjoyed RFCP’s Awesome Autumn Event Contest, otherwise nicknamed Eventmas. Happy fall, y’all!

Leave a comment below and tell us what your favorite event was!


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