Regarding the CPAH Vote, the Situation with IW, and the Dire State of Armies

NORTHERN LIGHTS, UKAHALA: ALL ARMIES should be concerned with the state of CPA at this time. RFCP addresses the current situation and challenges friend and foe to consider the problems in the community that impacted RFCP, but could affect them next.

Today, RFCP Officers Commander Prior (1ic), General Shallissa (3ic), and Field Marshal SupremeP0wer (5ic) are here to discuss the major political moves and issues that have led to the unfortunate CPAH removal of the Recon Federation of Club Penguin. 

In this post, will be diving into a month’s worth of events and conversations that led up to the eventual removal of RFCP. Our objective is to inform RFCP and our blog readers of recent army news, but also to provide evidence to the community to support our claim that RFCP’s removal was strictly political, and that others could be next if these problems are not addressed.

Outline of Today’s Topics: 

  1. RFCP’s Return to the Community to Battle the Templars 
  2. RFCP’s Almost Alliance with Ice Warriors
  3. RFCP’s Conflict with the Mango Corps (MC)
  4. IW’s Alarming Shift in Toxicity and Aggression to RFCP
  5. RFCP’s Alliance with the Lime Green Army and the Small Medium Army Union (SMAU)
  6. Black Ice Alliance Attacks on SMAU
  7. Vote that Removed RFCP and TCP from the League
  8. Conclusion: The State of Armies is Dysfunctional and Needs ALL of Our Attention
  1. RFCP’s Return to the Community to Battle the Templars

On June 20th 2020, General Shallissa approached Prior Bumble regarding concerning messages and themes in the Templars of Club Penguin’s Discord server. After close consideration and evaluation of these messages, the RFCP felt it was in the best interest of the children in TCP to issue a formal warning to the army to clean up their server or face a war with RFCP. 

“We understand, from experience, that realizing you need better moderation in your server (and not being fully cognizant of the problem), in the interest of protecting young users, sometimes takes a well-intended person pointing it out to you. We are that person.”

– Prior Bumble

TCP reacted negatively and invited war to proceed. For more information on why we went to war, please catch up by reading this blog.

The Recon Federation realized that a threat of war couldn’t be taken seriously unless there was actually something for the enemy army to lose; such a server. RFCP hicom spoke and agreed to join CPAH with the goal of wiping TCP off of the map and returning to Ukahala once our mission was complete. This did not go as planned when the Templars transferred all of their remaining servers to Ice Warriors, after the Recon Federation’s successful invasion of Yukon. We hung around to see if IW would be a new threat.

  1. RFCP’s Almost Alliance with IW

After our conflict with the Templars, IW leader Madhav (Stopy) contacted General Sha to arrange an appointment with Prior Bumble. At some point within their meeting, Prior Bumble addressed the fact that IW accepted land from the Templars, which ended the war due to the fact they had no more servers. Originally, the Recon Federation’s hicom saw this as IW protecting the provocateurs, but IW leadership explained that TCP offered them the servers permanently and that their intentions were not to support their actions.

Everything seemed amiable, cordial, and civil, with IW leadership hinting at an allyship between the two armies. Ultimately, IW claimed they would consider an alliance with RFCP if Prior Bumble voted in favor of force treaties, something he did not support and originally voted against. Getting along well with Iceyfeet1234 (IW creator) and the leaders of its current generation, the Recon Federation hesitantly agreed to meet the IW’s request.

Retrospect would soon allow us to see that the niceties (“Commander Prior”) and Madhav (Stopy) even speaking Penguin Latin to Prior (“Skor’a,” he said, meaning “hello”), were the beginnings of cruel and subtle mockery.

  1. RFCP’s Conflict with Mango Corps

Experiencing the thrill of battle, Prior Bumble sought to obtain Northern Lights (CPA), RFCP’s historic capitol, which was recently obtained by the Mango Corps. Instead of invading their territory, a feat that would have been easy for RFCP (much larger than the Mangoes), Prior Bumble sent General Sha to arrange a meeting with the Mango Corps leadership to see if a peaceful acquisition was possible. This was in the interest of not being a bully or an aggressor to Mango Corps out of the blue, as a larger army.

Mango Corps promised they would discuss this proposal when Oli (another MC leader) was online. Then, with no discussion or even a declination to Prior Bumble, Mangos transferred the server to IW.

Our Commander was quick to ping Mango Corps leader Kailee seeking an explanation for this act of disrespect towards his army.

She quickly invited Oli, another member of Mango Corps leadership, who offered this explanation:

Oli explained that Northern Lights was being sought out by the Lime Green Army. MC had offered to give Northern Lights to the Limes in exchange for a YES vote to the CPAH force treaty poll. The LGA leadership didn’t accept the bribe (because that’s what it was, a bribe) and voted against the force treaties. Apparently the Mangoes were concerned that LGA would retaliate against them and invade their server (we are having a hard time seeing why they were scared of an invasion when they had Ice Warriors’ protection), so they transferred the server to their allies for safe keeping. Seems limephobic to me.

Also seems like an intentional play of hot potato with Northern Lights with the intention of harassing RFCP. 

Prior Bumble responded by declaring an invasion on Mango Corps’ Down Under (CPA).

Two things. 1) Only LGA and RFCP have history with Northern Lights. No reason that server should be contested. 2) Look how bad ass Prior was

Thanks to Oli’s rejection of the no allies term and his “ally list and multitude of friends,” the Recon Federation ended up battling against IW.

This battle, which should have been an isolated conflict between one s/m (small/medium) army leader pissing off another s/m army leader over a botched negotiation, became a CPA-wide, hyped event involving major armies. The title of the post by CPAH reporter Max says it all.

And so, leaning back and crossing their feet on the ottoman while allowing IW to march in, not a single Mango fought in uniform at the defense. That is funny to us, because a week or so previously, CPAH CEO Lucifer told RFCP that we couldn’t defend with LGA in RFCP uniform. We HAD to be in LGA uniform, he said.

But I guess not IW + colonies.

4. IW’s Alarming Shift in Toxicity and Aggression to RFCP

Things changed between RFCP and IW after the invasion of Down Under.

The Ice Warriors (aka Madhav’s) sudden aggression and harassment towards the Recon Federation confused Prior Bumble, especially after the friendly and civil conversations the two leaders had exchanged. Simply showing up to help defend your allies didn’t need to be so aggressive. “Keep staying isolated you circus freaks,” IW tactics shouted to RFCP. There was no apology. It was made clear from this point on that the Ice Warriors had simply used RFCP for an additional vote for force treaties, and had no intention of allying with the army and treating them with respect and dignity. The Recon Federation remains confident that the Mangoes’ transfer of Northern Lights to the Ice Warriors was a political move that was meant to belittle the Federation by using its historic server as a future tool of bribery. 

5. RFCP’s alliance with Lime Green Army and the Small Medium Army Union

Before RFCP returned, Lime Green Army creator Greeny proposed the idea of squashing past beef with RFCP, and had interests of developing a friendship. This was during RFCP’s Equal Rights Movement campaign led by Commander Prior, General Sha, and then-Brigadier Supreme. 

Fast forward a few weeks, and we became allies with LGA upon entering the league. Moreover, after our conflict with Mangoes and IW, we were invited into the Small Medium Army Union (SMAU).


SMAU had been against the force treaties which Oli inferred he could have done to the Recon Fed.

The SMAU swore to defend the interest of s/m armies against major armies.

6. Black Ice Alliance Attacks on SMAU

The next events that transpired were also coordinated. TCP wanted their server back, Yukon, which RFCP won from them. RPF, we assert, wanted to force-treaty RFCP. The aggression from RPF was unprovoked, and RPF 1ics attribute it just to “longstanding rivalry.” RFCP had not bothered RPF since WW8, and especially had done nothing to them upon returning to the community. But RPF offered to invade in place of the Templars to ensure the Recon Federation’s forced treaty.

Clearly, facing an army that maxes the sizes of RPF would lead to RFCP’s loss, but fortunately for RFCP, size isn’t everything…

Upon Prior’s request, LGA transferred Antarctica (CPR) to the Recon Federation of Club Penguin, which ensured RFCP would not be forced into a treaty (an army can only be force-treatied if they have no more servers left). RPF was angered by this and officially declared through a blog post that LGA and RPF were no longer allies. They followed this post with a swift and successful invasion of RFCP’s Antarctica, but RFCP’s new allies from SMAU, Pizza Federation, came in clutch and transferred Iceland (CPA) to the Recon Federation, minutes before the defense. PZF promptly scheduled an invasion on the server to prevent RPF or BIA from invading it. Once RPF victory was declared, the server was transferred back, and the Recon Federation was safely off of the map, with no further risk of force treaties. It was a dance of loopholes and defiance of the BIA.

The Black Ice Alliance was obviously furious that they were not able to force-treaty the Federation and force Prior Bumble to kneel to them. And so….

SMAU alliance server

BIA armies invaded every single one of LGA, PZF, and WT’s servers (many of these being scheduled at the exact same time so the s/m armies were forced to split forces). The goal was to punish RFCP’s allies for assisting the Federation in escaping the “inevitable” force treaty. 

“You should have thought twice about helping RFCP,” Madhav pinged Snork in #leader-chat.

Meme by DMT

Upon seeing his allies be punished just for helping him, Prior told SMAU he would come forward and sacrifice himself to be force-treatied, even with no land, delivering to BIA the satisfaction of capturing him, if the BIA would back down. See the screenshots below of Prior Bumble attempting to take the place of his allies:

BIA refused, and, despite an evening of debate in CPAH about the fairness of this, the battles went forward. RFCP helped defend Ascent (CPR) for LGA successfully.

“STAND WITH RFCP, FALL WITH RFCP” chanted the Black Ice Alliance forces.

The other frontiers were abandoned to the BIA, SMAU overwhelmed and overrun.

7. Vote that Removed RFCP and TCP from the League

Shortly following the invasions of LGA, PZF, and WT, RFCP was chillin’ and working on building numbers in preparation for an inevitable full-blown war with BIA. Then, TCP Advisor Xing approached General Sha in DMs asking about the vote to remove RFCP. 

She was very confused and immediately contacted Commander Prior. We were informed by our allies that Prior Bumble’s army representative role had been taken in preparation for a league vote regarding the removal of the Recon Federation and the Templars from Club Penguin Army Hub. 

Upon inspection of the votes, it was clear what was going on. The Black Ice Alliance was unable to force RFCP into defeat and they were aware of his growing campaign against them. IW was also enraged at RFCP, because RFCP reported their horrendous hate server targeting Prior Bumble, and IW thus were punished in the Top Ten just the night before.

Wanting vengeance for this, IW turned to a CPAH vote (because everything is democratic in CPAH, and ANY vote can be proposed, no matter how agenda-oriented) in an attempt to force RFCP out of the league.

Ice Warriors, Rebel Penguin Federation, and all of their allies/colonies voted to remove both RFCP and Templars. LGA, WT, and PIC were among the voters against RFCP’s ban. Unfortunately, the Templars were caught up in this ridiculous attack towards RFCP because they have a severe history of toxicity (we were trying to help you guys with that but you let TCP transfer their servers!). Templars have come a long way since then and have earned our respect, but more on that in the next blog post.

The vote to remove RFCP included two articles–one being six months old, and the other being three months old but using the same material from the six month old article, incriminated RFCP for NSFW slip-ups and being “cult-like.” The NSFW slip-ups have been addressed and overcome with several acknowledgements.

In response to the cult accusations, to show the community that the Recon Federation is innocent and has nothing to hide, Prior Bumble, despite being uncomfortable with many people in the community who have harassed him, ordered that the doors of the RFCP server be opened.

Officers were ordered to clear every person who joined the Discord as a visitor. Across all servers, the community lifted heads and ears perked up at the sound of “RFCP main server is open.” Invites were swiftly sent out to members of the community in DMs, allied servers, and the CPAH server to get as many people in as possible. Invites were sent to Iceyfeet1234, Madhav, and Crazzy, and they were encouraged to join our server and experience our moderation and safety for themselves. They seemed VERY concerned (they wanted us voted out for it!), so we wanted to make sure they were able to come and see for themselves!

News flash! They didn’t.

Because the moderation and past events isn’t why they were mad. It was the force treaty that we got out of and the Top Ten penalty. 

RFCP protested the fact that the ban vote was presented ONLY with incriminating articles. We wrote a long response debunking many of the allegations, Prior Bumble made ANOTHER apology statement, and we were told that the vote would be redone with our side of the story. It was not. Our articles were only added to the present vote, and the vote was extended 12 hours. How many people do you think bothered to read an ADDITIONAL piece of evidence and change their vote? How many people even revisited the poll after initially casting their vote?

PZF also disclosed to us that if the vote had been anonymous, they probably would have voted against our ban. But they were intimidated by more backlash from IW as demonstrated before. So they abstained.

The author of this comment asked to be blacked out. ISN’T THAT ALSO PERFECTLY PROVING OUR POINT?!??!?

How many others were afraid of being targeted for standing with us?

“STAND WITH RFCP, FALL WITH RFCP” says the alliance with a combined 20,000 users in their servers.

Even if you thought it was unfair to persecute RFCP, would you take the risk to your army?


The State of Armies is Dysfunctional and Needs ALL of Our Attention

You all know how this story ends. Templars of CP and Recon Federation of CP were voted out and officially removed from the Club Penguin Army Hub league. 

Whether or not you agree with RFCP’s history, or if you even like Prior Bumble as a person, you need to at least understand and acknowledge how far we have come as an army. The incidents that got us removed from the league happened a year ago, we were already punished/suspended in a past CPA league, we fixed things, we grew from it, we moved on. No one deserves to continue to be punished after growth and acknowledgement. The goal of pointing out someone’s unintentional flaws and mistakes should be to help them learn and grow as a person. Your open letters and concerning messages should have gotten you what you wanted. The Recon Federation increased moderation, fixed our mistakes, and the mistakes never happened again. That is called growth. That said, the RFCP disagrees that our removal had anything to do with mistakes that happened a year ago. It was just an easy excuse/reason to get us removed. 

If the community really cared about these accusations and were concerned, they would have been relieved and happy to know that things are different. They would have jumped on the opportunity to see things for themselves. They would have accepted our server invite to see things with their own eyes. BIA didn’t do any of that. They didn’t care. Removal of RFCP from the CPAH league was the only way they could truly beat us; they were out of options. 

Bottom line is, if an army needs to be removed from a league, the administration needs to remove them. It is the administration’s job to keep the league happy and safe, not the community’s. If an army is jeopardizing the league’s safety (which RFCP wasn’t), then they need to just remove them. A boss doesn’t do a company vote to fire an employee, they will just fire the employee if they are causing issues. Issuing a league vote for a removal of a controversial army with stigma (that they are trying so fucking hard to overcome) is obviously going to be biased and unfair and abused by political alliances. If an army is breaking league rules, then the administration needs to man up and remove them. Instead, the CEOs and league managers threw their hands in the air and said “not my problem” and threw the fate of an army into the hands of the very people who have been harassing them for weeks. 

RFCP knew this wouldn’t end well. We were expecting to be removed as soon as we heard about the vote. In fact, we expected this as soon as we heard that CPAH would allow the community to “ban” armies at all (also passed by a vote!). And so did Pookie.

We are upset because CEOs and league managers are supposed to value the best interest of all armies, and that didn’t seem to happen during this vote. We do not feel that RFCP had a fair fight/trial in the vote and we weren’t even allowed to personally defend ourselves (we offered to answer questions from leaders; they said no). 

Ice Warriors, Rebel Penguin Federation, and their allies control the league. When Crazzy and Madhav send a message to the BIA/colonies chat, their simps come running. They kneel and do whatever they say because IW and RPF are what keeps these armies on the map. If you do what they say, you stay on the map; if you don’t do what they say, you are mass invaded and/or removed from the league. It isn’t right. When you open a treaty channel and see that a good portion of them are treaties from one alliance, you should know there is an issue.

You know there is a problem with league bias when you open the CPAH staff page and see this:

BIA in High CPAH staff positions:

  • Pookie (Ex- RPF) – CEO
  • Iceyfeet1234 (IW) – Advisor
  • Orange (IW 2ic) – Advisor
  • Julia (DW) – Advisor
  • Crazzy (RPF 1ic) – Advisor
  • Emcee (RPF) – Advisor
  • Sheo (RPF) – Associate Producer
  • Sarahah (Ex-IW) – Editor in chief

All of the major staff positions are filled by high ranking officials in BIA armies or past allegiances. There are more major army members in these high staff positions than there are s/m army members.

How is RFCP not supposed to feel like the eviction from the league is political when everything about this entire thing has been political? No one other than Madhav and Crazzy seem to hate Prior; the creator of IW himself doesn’t hate Prior. 

He doesn’t say anything about IW and their allies being concerned for the safety of the league with RFCP in it, he just says his allies don’t like him *shrug.*

This is an issue! It’s RFCP and TCP now, but who will it be next time? Why is the fate of an army in the hands of the people against it, instead of the people who are in charge of the league? That makes no sense. 

All small/medium armies deserve to be able to play Club Penguin without simping for BIA. Army votes should not be used as a bribe. They should not be used as a “if you do this, we won’t attack you” thing. That takes away the purposes of the vote. PZF was scared to vote for RFCP to stay in the league because they didn’t want to face additional retaliation and attacks from BIA. That is an issue. Want to make a point against major army involvement in ALL army affairs and declare no allies? Can’t! CPAH allows armies to reject terms (also voted in!). Votes are in the favor of big armies’ wants/needs because if you don’t agree and do what they want, you are attacked. Votes have become a way to bribe and gain control over a league. Colonies do as BIA says. And in a totally democratic league, any vote proposal will be honored, no matter how unfair or unfounded, like RFCP’s removal. It is so corrupt and I don’t see any CEOs or league officials trying to stop it. All they would do is create a vote for anything that could help, and how do you think that will go?!

  • “Army votes” isn’t working
  • Force treaties isn’t working
  • BIA control isn’t working
  • Reject terms isn’t working
  • Army bans isn’t working

Ball is in your court, CPAH. RFCP is a large and historical army that has overcome controversy and wants to play the game. If you keep favoring everything that the large armies want, you will eventually be left with a league no one wants to be in. Anyone who challenges this system faces the same fate as RFCP. I wish you all the best of luck. We will be looking down on you from #1 on s/m armies TT.


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Commander, 1ic
General, 3ic
Field Marshal, 5ic

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