Official Statement by the Recon Federation of Club Penguin

This is an official statement from the RFCP refuting the accusations towards The Recon Federation of Club Penguin’s Commander, Prior Bumble.

This blog post discusses NSFW themes and accusations and may not be suitable for all readers. Please be advised. 

We begin with an official statement from Prior Bumble (1ic), an official collective statement from hicom, an official general army statement, and follow it all with an endorsed detailed address by General Sha (3ic) one final time, on our blog, discrediting the continued allegations against Prior Bumble.

Prior Bumble: “I am a passionate leader who takes joy in caring for my army. I have never and will never engage in sexual relations with a child. My only ‘interest’ in children is to teach them good morals, support them, be a positive role model, and inspire them to love themselves. I have read and approved the entirety of this post and the links therein and authorize the evidence presented as RFCP official statements.”

Hicom: “We, the Officers of The Recon Federation of Club Penguin, stand with Prior Bumble. We have heard everything this community has to say about our Commander and assert its falsehood. There are 11 of us; some raised in the RFCP, and some experienced veterans from other armies. We testify in the goodness of this army and Commander Prior. We support him unapologetically with absolutely no doubt in his integrity and character.”

  • Coolj–2ic
  • Opino3
  • PyxelPranav–3ic
  • Shallissa–3ic
  • HamsterLover–3ic 
  • Sillabye–4ic
  • ShyGuy–4ic
  • Kerx–4ic
  • Anilia–5ic
  • CoffeeBean–5ic
  • SupremeP0wer–5ic

Army statement: “RFCP stands for loving others. We stand for courage. We stand for doing the right thing. We stand for the safety of ALL our members. We reject hatred and targeting as exemplified by the treatment we receive from many in the community. The ire some in the community have towards us is fueled by a blind sense of justice that is not educated with our evidence refuting your claims. It is YOUR responsibility to be fully informed by EVERYTHING in this post–every screenshot and every link to other documents–before you pass judgement. And, even then, we believe it is past time to forgive and move on. RFCP is good. RFCP is proud. RFCP is not going anywhere.”  

Endorsed Statements by General Sha:

Despite our numerous efforts to explain, apologize, and address the mature content concerns of the community against RFCP in its early days, we continue to face hit after hit of armies and individuals using past mistakes from a year ago as their reason for every new conflict with Prior or RFCP. We have explained, with screenshots, many times, that the misconduct allegations against Prior are either false, a misunderstanding, or a genuine mistake that we have regretted, addressed, and apologized for. If you want to see those apologies please see the other letters we have written, and note that these letters are part of our official statement: 

Letter #1

Letter #2

Letter #3

This is funny because I have spent all day yesterday and today typing up another apology statement regarding what has happened in the past. That has since been deleted due to recent events that have happened today. We will not be apologizing again. 

A server was sent to me today in DMs. It was a server recently redesigned exclusively to bully Prior Bumble and spread disgusting false accusations about him. And who was responsible for this server? The classics: Crazzy, IceyFeet1234, Spotty, Koloway, Alexandra, Madhav, and MANY others. All of BIA is in it. RPF leaders, IW leaders. It was absolutely disgusting. The Priortorian Guard joined and was instantly banned, meaning the server owners and staff KNEW it was wrong. Then, the chat was purged. Wow! Why do ANY of you think this fuckery is okay?

Not even counting those above screenshots saying you’re going to essentially rape Prior, the server was FULL of harassment towards Prior, information and jokes about his sister, disgusting accusations, etc. Imagine the fucking shit show that would go down if RFCP made this server about any one else in the community. We would be banned and voted out from the league by the big armies. If LGA made it about Crazzy they would be cancelled. If ANY OTHER ARMIES made these servers about someone, they would be completely ruined. Why does the fucking community tolerate this treatment towards Prior? Why are the higher ups and influential figures in the community the ones who harass people the most?  After examining the TRUTH (did you read articles in the links yet?), what has the RFCP or Prior Bumble done to deserve these types of accusations and bullying? I am at a loss for fucking words. 

As angry as we are at the community right now, The Recon Federation of Club Penguin appreciates the Club Penguin Army Hub Administration for stepping in to handle the situation and punish the people and armies involved. Our anger is not directed towards CPAH; our anger is towards the people who were involved in the server today and the harassment the past few months. 

Bottom line is, any accusation you have pinned towards Prior has been debunked. EVERYTHING. You think he sexually targets minors? WELP! Here is MORE proof he doesn’t:

Click to enlarge
^ ^ ^ Regarding the sexy igloo party that was MY party (NOT PRIOR’S!!!!) that you all can’t move on from. It was ADVERTISED at 18+. We SAID IN OUR SERVER that only 18+ should attend. Click to enlarge.

You think he swats people? WELP here is MORE proof he doesn’t, from the victim him-fucking-self:

“more than just my address” meaning other people who are now against Prior have, in the past, given him their address and he has never done (and never will do) anything with that information

There are more than enough examples of Prior firmly rejecting sexual advances from minors in DMs than necessary to prove he is not a predator in any way. There are more examples that go against your case than there are ones that prove it. 

Over the year we have been around, people have left our army for various reasons, many of them being minors. If Prior is constantly having inappropriate conversations with minors in DMs like many of you think he is, why have none come forward? They wouldn’t be lacking in support, because the entire community would celebrate the ammunition against us. They would get an entire community’s praise. But simply put, there are no other incidents. A theoretical, almost philosophical conversation about mature content happened only once, and this was because the minor had never spoken to Prior before, did not age identify, and the minor initiated the topic with insistent questions in Prior’s DMs. Nothing further happened, and it never happened again. If there were more incidents, then more children would have come forward. 

Prior was not aware a year ago that it was his responsibility to police a chatroom of anonymous usernames from seeing NSFW content if they are underage. He was not aware that dirty humor on Discord was an issue. After TWELVE YEARS of retirement, his experiences back in Club Penguin led him to believe most players were nostalgic adults like him reliving childhood. Almost ALL of the founding officers of RFCP were adults. Now Prior knows otherwise, and he does a GREAT FUCKING JOB at making his server a loving and supportive place for all ages.

The kids in RFCP are aware of the accusations against him because they are mentioned by YOU at every battle. YOU keep circulating the NSFW content. YOU keep republishing NSFW screenshots from a year ago for more children to see. YOU keep NSFW discussion going a year later. YOU.

We teach all of our soldiers about online safety (and how to stay away from scary people and messages.)

Click to enlarge

If any of them were being sexually targeted or groomed, they would have known the signs because of our safety lessons. No one is being sexually targeted by anyone in RFCP. We have proven your argument wrong sooo many times but you can’t seem to get over it.

You have been unable to provide us or anyone else in the community with any RECENT AND RELEVANT information that these things are happening. You are making your claims off of TWO PHOTOS that happened a year ago!! You refuse to accept that we have taken the critique to heart and stepped up our moderation. You refuse to accept apologies. You are hell fucking bent on using these same two screenshots to make Prior’s life a living hell. YOUR EVIDENCE IS MORE IRRELEVANT THAN MOSHI POST LGA COUP. GET NEW EVIDENCE IF YOU ARE SO CONVINCED THAT THIS IS REAL. Xing (who thinks his opinions regarding morality are relevant???) says that Prior should wear this permanent scar on his CPA resume for the rest of his career. HOW IS THAT FAIR? If someone was an actual pedophile, fine, I get it. But Prior Bumble is not a fucking pedophile, he has NEVER been a pedophile. One tiny age oopsie THAT NOTHING HAPPENED FROM and that HE DID NOT INITIATE is used against him every day!! Why does he deserve to wear that scar forever when he did nothing wrong!?!? 

Don’t believe us because we’re so culty and isolated? We have LGA, SE, IW, and PZF visitors in our server now. Ask them! 

Bottom line is you can’t find more evidence outside of those two screenshots because there is none. Prior does not sexually target minors. He does not groom children. He does not use people for his sexual desires. The fact that you think he does ANY OF THAT is absolutely disgusting. 


Look, at this point I really don’t know what else we can do. If you are going to declare war for an accident that happened last year we can’t stop you. We can’t stop you from pinning sexual accusations on our leader. We can’t stop you from writing more articles using the same two screenshots. We can’t control that you refuse to acknowledge the hard work we have done to fix things. As terrible as you guys are we can’t control if you create servers to harass Prior. What you choose to do is out of our control. However, this will be the last time The Recon Federation of Club Penguin publicly addresses these accusations in a post. We have provided the community with more than enough evidence to shut down your claims; you have not provided any **recent** evidence that these things are happening. You have not provided the community with any recent evidence to prove that your claims are still relevant. I will say it right here and right now. Prior Bumble has never been a predator or a pedophile. He has never asked for, sent, or received a dirty photo on Discord. He has never asked to meet a minor. Nothing. What you saw is all that happened and is all that has ever happened. There is no more evidence because your accusations are not true. 

Enough is enough. This is where I draw the line. You can declare war and we will shrug it off because you can take us off the map and try to force-treaty us, but you will NEVER destroy our army or take away our love for our leader with your bullying and harassment. We will stand with him until he is a CPA Legend (he already is to us) and respected as he deserves to be.

Our portal is open and we clear new people for visiting every day (not you Emcee). My DMs are always open (Shallissa#6969) and I can throw you in a group chat or server to speak to Prior if you ever have any questions or concerns. He isn’t hard to reach through a Guard. Even if you have hurt Prior in the past, he would be more than willing to speak with you and make amends. What we want is a toxic-free community where ALL armies can come together and enjoy a game we all love. There is a difference between passion and toxicity which is something a lot of you fail to understand. RFCP is not a toxic army, but I will not stand for any more comments or harassment like what I saw today. 


Erat Ipso Fucking Sacra. 

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