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Official Tree of the Bumble Bloodline


This post serves to present the official Bumble genealogy. The images should be assumed to connect with each other and the viewer is asked to forgive disconnects that occur due to pasting separate images of the tree into the post. What is shown here is considered canon. Question marks represent yet unidentified ancestors who enlisted soldiers may write about (!!!). These historians who wish to research and write their own biographies for a Bumble ancestor must submit the biography and portrait of the ancestor to Prior Bumble, who will verify it and add it to the tree. Therefore, this tree will be returned to often with updates. It may also be revised if new evidence demands so. Ancestors and details not recorded in this tree are not considered canon. Those who have previously written about Bumble ancestors not shown here must resubmit their work for consideration. Uncles, brothers of Prior Bumble, are currently under review for being added to the tree.

Historical notes:

There are about 40 generations in one millennium (1,000 years). It is understood that there are 19 generations in the Bumble bloodline, or about 500 years. That means the first Bumble emerged when the youngest of the 6 Grey Bears was already about 300 years old. Prior Bumble is either the first (a Grey Bear himself) or the 18th generation. RFCP soldiers are the 19th generation, and all whom love him may choose to accept his name and carry on the tree.

Note that there were 7 generations (about 150 years) between Enlightenment (when the Grey Bears gave the Bumble penguins language, Penguin Latin) and the Bumble Migration (when Runeard Bumble and his kin swam from Int’ai’uto to Club Penguin Island).

The bloodline is patriarchal. However, members of the 19th generation, boy or girl, are held in equal pedigree.

The Tree

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Declaration of Victory–The Outsiders War

NORTHERN LIGHTS, UKAHALA: RFCP officially declares victory in the Outsiders War after several judges rule in their favor, ending the conflict in Templars defeat.

Hello, Recon Federation of Club Penguin!

On September 23, 2020 the oh so pathetic, Templars, declared a “5th Holy War” on RFCP. They did this claiming to be “standing up against bullying,” but I’m sure former Templar, ot_ter, a thirteen-year-old they bully for leaving TCP after she acknowledged their toxicity and brainwashing, strongly disagrees with the claim that Templars are anti-bullying. I’m sure Rowan, who Xing called a “f–ggot,” strongly agrees with that claim that Templars are anti-bullying (read more on that below). Overall, it seems this war didn’t go exactly as you planned, did it, Allissa? Did it, Xing? Did it, Luca? Did it, Templars? These were the original terms you proposed for the war:

The original war terms

As should be widely known in the community, armies cannot restrict when other armies schedule battles against them in war. This shows how truly little the leaders of Templars know about how armies work. They lack the intelligence that we hold. We deemed term “2.” and term “3.” invalid.

The first battle of the war took place on September 26, where Rowan Alden/Wikiboy was chosen as the judge. At the time, Wikiboy was an advisor for both armies. Pics of the battle and the judge decision will be shown below:

“I declared my verdict. RFCP win. That’s that.”

Following the battle, Templars “shadow leader” Xing threw a fit, fired Wikiboy from his position as Templars advisor, and called him a very derogatory, disrespectful term.

And yet Xing says I’m shadow leading.

On September 28, we had a second battle with the Templars, this time judged by CPAWL judges. One of which, was a Templars advisor:

“We.” “We.” “We.” Haha.

Despite request, CPAWL never reviewed this battle. They decided that the battle that followed this one had biased judging, but despite the same Templars advisor judging this one, there was no suspicion of bias for this battle. This battle was judged by a Templar. We personally see this battle as null, but respect the fact that CPAWL recognizes it as a Templars victory.

While the third battle of this war, taking place on September 30, was originally dubbed a Templars victory, this was later reviewed due to the fact that a Templars advisor was chosen to judge. CoolGuy, CPAWL CEO, stated that this was a clear RFCP victory. Templars refuses to accept this and has continued to lie to their troops claiming that they won this battle.


In the fourth battle of this war, which took place on October 2, the Templars failed to show up, forfeiting the battle. This resulted in an RFCP victory. I guess Ice Warriors can’t log on during the week. Hahahaha!

Finally, taking place on October 3 (my birthday muhahaha), we were set to once again battle Templars. RFCP logged on, Xing logged on, Ice Warriors logged on. Templars failed to give us the rooms for the battle. As you may know, it is tradition for the scheduling army to decide rooms. Templars leaders claimed that the new RFCP Commander, Coolj, had all of them blocked. This was completely untrue and they provided zero evidence of it being true. For this battle, Xing refused to use CPAWL judges, as the staff had caught onto the fact that their advisors and Xing’s friends were judging battles and put a stop to it. Cobra was chosen as the judge for this battle, not by RFCP, but by Templars. He had this to say:

I decided to investigate further into this, thinking that it’s entirely possible that this was done on purpose, this is what I discovered from asking a very close friend of Xing, and the judge of this battle, Cobra:

Templars forgot to give us the rooms intentionally. Sad.

Now, after reviewing every battle, it is clear the score of this war is 4-1 (or 5-0) in favor of the Recon Federation of Club Penguin. Nice try, Templars. Nice try, Allissa. You failed. You’ve never been able to beat us, and you never will.

Templars later edited their terms without informing anyone in RFCP. We didn’t agree to abide to their original terms, and we never planned on agreeing to any of the new ones.

Lots of what was talked about in this post was also discussed in our last blog post created by RFCP Reporter MicrowavableHamster!

Upon our victory, RFCP will be recognizing any further battles scheduled by Templars as invalid and irrelevant until December 1, 2020. Templars can continue to lie to their troops and claim victory, but the judge’s decisions say otherwise. The media will say otherwise. History will say otherwise. The CPA Wiki has agreed to acknowledge the judge-supported war score at the publication of this post as the final score and an RFCP victory in the war. Congratulations to all our soldiers, and congratulations to Coolj on leading RFCP to victory in his first war as leader.

We have secured a first war victory for you, and we have defended the honor of Commander Prior Bumble.

RFCP Victory.

Cena, RFCP Head Advisor

Official Statement by the Recon Federation of Club Penguin

This is an official statement from the RFCP refuting the accusations towards The Recon Federation of Club Penguin’s Commander, Prior Bumble.

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