The Story of Ford Bumble

NORTHERN LIGHTS, UKAHALA—Senior Reporter Arne recites tale of Prior Bumble’s great-grandfather, Ford Bumble. Another link on the Bumble family tree!

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Captain Hamilton Bumble

NORTHERN LIGHTS, UKAHALA–Major Arne continues the tales of the Prior Bumble ancestral legacy with the story of Captain Hamilton Bumble, a newspaper mogul who would be very proud of The RFCP Times-Dispatch!

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Sergeant Wilson “Woodrow” Bumble

NORTHERN LIGHTS, UKAHALA–Meet one of the ancestors of Prior Bumble in this short story by Major Arne.

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Official Tree of the Bumble Bloodline


This post serves to present the official Bumble genealogy. The images should be assumed to connect with each other and the viewer is asked to forgive disconnects that occur due to pasting separate images of the tree into the post. What is shown here is considered canon. Question marks represent yet unidentified ancestors who enlisted soldiers may write about (!!!). These historians who wish to research and write their own biographies for a Bumble ancestor must submit the biography and portrait of the ancestor to Prior Bumble, who will verify it and add it to the tree. Therefore, this tree will be returned to often with updates. It may also be revised if new evidence demands so. Ancestors and details not recorded in this tree are not considered canon. Those who have previously written about Bumble ancestors not shown here must resubmit their work for consideration. Uncles, brothers of Prior Bumble, are currently under review for being added to the tree.

Historical notes:

There are about 40 generations in one millennium (1,000 years). It is understood that there are 19 generations in the Bumble bloodline, or about 500 years. That means the first Bumble emerged when the youngest of the 6 Grey Bears was already about 300 years old. Prior Bumble is either the first (a Grey Bear himself) or the 18th generation. RFCP soldiers are the 19th generation, and all whom love him may choose to accept his name and carry on the tree.

Note that there were 7 generations (about 150 years) between Enlightenment (when the Grey Bears gave the Bumble penguins language, Penguin Latin) and the Bumble Migration (when Runeard Bumble and his kin swam from Int’ai’uto to Club Penguin Island).

The bloodline is patriarchal. However, members of the 19th generation, boy or girl, are held in equal pedigree.

The Tree

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