Sunday Fun-Day: Bloody Battle Double Feature! Vol. 4, Issues 9 and 10

NORTHERN LIGHTS, UKAHALA–Welcome to Bloody Sunday Funday: Battle Edition!  As we enter November, the weather might be getting colder, but the battles heat RFCP back up again! Another RHL game as well? The action just keeps coming.


Weekly Recap

Week of October 31

As Halloween gives way to November, an important question faces the server: is it technically Christmas season?  While some may say there’s only 351 days until next Halloween, others have already started counting down the days ’til Christmas!  (41, if you were curious!)

Poor Thanksgiving…everyone seems to skip over counting down those 10 days!

So, what is the true answer? Are we still in Awesome Autumn?  Or has Mariah Carey finally defrosted, officially marking the start of the holiday season?  

Well, according to the poll, it may not be the Christmas season yet in the Recon Federation of Club Penguin (RFCP)–but that doesn’t stop several soldiers from making their names more festive to begin on some pre-holiday cheer!  (Looking at you, “General MicroYams” and “Major DjChorusmas”!) 

All of your Christmas enthusiasts will be very happy after Thanksgiving, when RFCP has a lot of holly jolly events to ring in the Christmas season!  Stay tuned!  

Speaking of nicknames, you’ve probably noticed there was a recurring nickname trend in many of the officers and soldiers during this week…

Could it be?  RFCP having a battle?  Of course!  We’re a war army after all; battling is in our veins!  

To prepare for the battle against MACP, Commissar Hamsterlover prepared a training on Friday, November 4, for our newest Agents and Ice Agents, who would be attending their first battle soon!  Max 8.

Looking sharp as ever RFCP!

This also marks the FIRST OFFICIAL BATTLE ON AOW 225, RFCP’s second CPPS!  As the Art of Warfare verse which the CPPS was named after the verse which says, “Remember we are called a war army”.  This is certainly true, as AOW 225 is a CPPS for battling other armies!

Week of November 7

On Monday, November 7th, Commander Prior Bumble defeated our friend, Master0, in chess–but we hear that the two are meeting for very sportsmanlike chess lessons each day! That’s a checkmate for wholesomeness. And Master played very well! Max 2.

That same night, the army gathered for a special story time, reading our dear Lt. Grandy‘s favorite childhood book, Pete the Cat. Cmdr. Prior had gone to his local bookstore to purchase a copy just for Grandy.

Tuesday, November 8, was Maj. DJ‘s 3 year enlistment anniversary. Agent Koby also created gorgeous new graphics for our #ranks page this day.

On Wednesday, November 9, RFCP eased back into a pseudo-Casino Night (for the Commander has not yet officially authorized the return of the regular weekly schedule. The army debuted a brand new game, and it was a huge hit. Max 8.

Friday, November 11 was Gen. Microham‘s birthday. Many happy returns!

Finally, on Saturday, November 12, the army returned to the ice for an exciting RHL exhibition game. More on that. Max 8.

This Week in History

Soldier of the Week

SOTW has still not yet been authorized for weekly observation. We shall report when that changes! In lieu of this section, we note the following promotions which happened over these two weeks:

  • Crunchymode to Ice Agent
  • Aquastardrankgasoline to Corporal


Prior BumbleStill looking for new Division Heads. Let me know!



What do YOU think about the new Casino Night game? Let us know in the comments!

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