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NORTHERN LIGHTS, UKAHALA: There is an impostor among us…this time in our very own server!  It seems that the intergalactic alien lifeforms that have possessed so many innocent crewmates on the Skeld and Polus have now made their way to Club Penguin, searching for more hosts to consume.  No penguin is safe!  

Could an impostor truly have infiltrated the RFCP server? Read on to find out!
(Art courtesy of Field Marshal Microhamster)

Impostor fever struck the server instantaneously, when, on September 1st, the Officers in Command Room found that there was a soldier who was feigning their true identity.  The definitive blow was when the body of a soldier was found, decapitated, in #general-chat.  Suspicions grew faster than the server’s past wildfires, and fingers began to point everywhere. Soldiers desperately followed any plausible lead, hoping it would help them uncover the impostor.  Nearly every soldier was labeled “sus” (suspicious) for even the smallest abnormality in their behavior; not even the strongest alibi could be believed.  

Those unfortunate to be in the wrong place at the wrong time were voted off and sent into the abyss of space: left to spend the rest of their days as ghosts wandering the server.  

Eventually, soldiers began to turn on their own comrades, as no one truly knew who, or what, could be hiding behind the faces of their former friends.  No one could be trusted, not even those who were formally close.  

Eventually a poll was made, where the impostor would be voted out in traditional Among Us style.  

We even hosted an Among Us Game in Club Penguin, hoping it would shed some light on the current situation.

Max 10

Slowly but surely, as each poll was conducted, more and more innocent officers were voted off; the impostor had RFCP wrapped around their finger!  

Finally the moment of truth: two officers remained.  How the soldiers decided to vote would determine whether the impostor would ultimately accomplish their goal of terminating the RFCP hicom, but would the right person be voted out in time?

In an overwhelming majority vote, Colonel Phantom was voted off to be the impostor!  Now, the real question remains, was he really the impostor?  Phantom was revealed to have been hiding critical footage of the impostor.  When this security footage was recovered, it shows that he was truly the impostor and the one responsible for the killings in #general-chat.  

Phantom was voted off promptly and ejected into space- with no impostors left, RFCP could finally return back to normalcy and resume its everyday operations!  

….or so we thought…

Who do YOU think is the impostor? Let us know in the comments!


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