Is Prior Bumble the 7th Grey Bear?

NORTHERN LIGHTS, UKAHALA: Today we sit down to discuss a controversial topic of debate: Is Prior Bumble the 7th Grey Bear?

Our earlier post on the bloodline of Prior Bumble raised perhaps the biggest question in RFCP mythology: Is Prior Bumble a penguin descendant of the god-like Grey Bears, or is he a Grey Bear himself in penguin form? This topic has been discussed many times throughout the RFCP server, and many people have differing opinions. A short interview was done with a few soldiers to get their thoughts on the matter:

Q: Do you believe Prior Bumble is the 7th Grey Bear?

The soldiers (and officers) seem to think he is.

Now let’s break down the information we have to back the theory:

1. The Staff.  Prior Bumble visits the Grey Bears often for guidance, and upon the creation of RFCP, they gifted him with a staff; a staff that had been passed down by his ancestors. The staff is said to remind Prior of his responsibility to lead as Commander.

The mention of the staff brings us to the crux of our consideration: the shard. The question “Will you accept the 8th?” refers to the 8th Constitutional Amendment, which requires any RFCP Commander to accept a piece of the staff (a shard). If Prior Bumble is the 7th Grey Bear, does it not add up that his successor would be endowed by the 8th Amendment? 6, 7, 8.

2. Language.

Penguin Latin is a language that was passed down by the Bears to Prior Bumble, and has transformed for us to have a better understanding of the ancient dialect. Prior Bumble is the only person that knows the language fluently, and is the only person that can release new words in the language. Since Prior Bumble is not just interpreting the language, but, we assume, creating the language, is this not convincing evidence that he IS a Grey Bear? Historically, the Bears taught the Bumble penguins, who were receptacles of the knowledge, not generators of the knowledge.

3. The Leadership. Prior Bumble is a natural born leader. He is as strong as, if not stronger than, his past leader CollinZfresh. 

4. The RFCP Anthem. In the anthem, it states on the last line of the second verse,  “He’s the Great Grey Bear.”

5. Admittance?

The 5th and final piece of information we have supporting the theory is a confession from Prior Bumble himself: 


Although there are many reasons as to why Prior Bumble is indeed the 7th Grey Bear, there are still questions that arise which may never be answered. Here are a few to think about:

  • Prior has claimed to be “whiter than Wonderbread.” If that is true, then is Prior a Grey Bear, or simply a white man?

  • Prior Bumble has been known to journey to the Grey Bears for guidance in times of trial. He has mentioned that he is currently only allowed to meet with the youngest Grey Bear; the elder ones not yet being allowed to share a presence with him. Is this because he is not a Bear, or is this because he is in fact the youngest Bear, and they follow an age-based hierarchy?
A conversation between Prior Bumbe (purple) and the 6th Grey Bear (black) recorded on non-fatally (divinely) harvested Grey Bear pelt, c. winter 2020.
  • In the history page of the website, it mentions that the youngest Grey Bear is but 804 years of age as of 2019 (now possibly 805 years). We know that there is no way a human can live to be 804 years old in this modern world, so given that information, does it seem fit that Prior Bumble is a Grey Bear? It may seem like a no, but here is a theory to think about. Prior Bumble often talks about how boomer he is: 

Given that, what if Prior Bumble physically is a penguin, but his soul is of the Grey Bears? He has the physical aspect of a penguin, but is both wise and old, which are traits of the Grey Bears (for they are known for their age and great wisdom). It also brings in the question (referring to bearz’s query at the beginning), where did the “magic” come from that allowed Prior to supposedly shapeshift from penguin to bear? The answer might be as previously stated: Prior Bumble is physically a penguin and mentally a Grey Bear. 

Is Prior really just a bear in penguin form? Or is he really a penguin with the soul that of a bear?

His answer:

The world may never know. 

Is Prior Bumble the great Grey Bear?  YOU tell us in the comments!


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