My Dream for CPA


Dream the future and change it for the better - Dream Gates

I envision a CPA where:

  • Community authorities use their considerable power to prioritize mental and emotional care of those in our community, making CPA a positive, clean, healthy resource for anyone in need
  • No one is hated for what army they are in or who they follow
  • Interpersonal conflicts are dealt with privately (with a moderator if need be) and not made public shaming spectacles
  • No one is doxxed
  • No one is made fun of for their personal lives/details
  • No one is incessantly bullied/villainized
  • Efforts, talents, and accomplishments of army figures are equally celebrated
  • Legend is awarded to those who deserve it, not just those who are popular
  • Army leaders meet frequently to communicate and demonstrate respect to one another
  • All admins have weekly office hours
  • That people are forgiven. And forgiveness, when given, is complete
  • Young people aren’t taught to blindly hate those they do not know; love is more important
  • Army leaders use their enormous platforms to address real-life obstacles (the pandemic, environmental crises, poverty) and inspire hope and charitable action
  • Soldiers are guided lovingly into becoming better people and learning from loving role models through the army module
  • More community events where EVERYONE is treated like family
  • Judging moves to a point-based system with no possibility for bias
  • War is an exciting and friendly event with sportsmanship before, during, and after the battle
  • All are welcome to play and love this game equally

We can be proud of this community and change its merciless nature. We can do it if we share the same vision. We can do better.

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