BREAKING! Prior Bumble Pledges to Manufacture a Physical CD of RFCP Music

NORTHERN LIGHTS, UKAHALA–The latest exciting announcement regarding RFCP merch is a real life physical musical album of purely RFCP music! Read on for more details!

What if you received in the mail a Recon Federation of Club Penguin (RFCP) soundtrack, complete with a jewel case, color printed CD, and all the musical content created exclusively for your favorite army?

Commander Prior Bumble is announcing that he will work closely with Maj. Chocolatyness to produce and distribute a physical album to be the official RFCP soundtrack!

Songs on the album will include the national anthem and new music composed by our very own musician, Choco, as well as new pieces yet-to-be written. Soldiers will be able to purchase the CD through the RFCP merch store using their Bumble Bucks. Estimated price will range from $600-$1,200 BB.

The project is in motion, but music and artwork need to be generated to fill out the track list and ensure the CD is of pristine quality. This could put the timeline at around Christmas for content completion and around February 2023 for publication and distribution.

At this time, interested soldiers are asked to please make suggestions in the Discord #suggestions channel about songs which should be composed and featured in the official RFCP soundtrack. For example, would you like a song called “Army That Never Sleeps” which is designed to lull you to sleep? How about “RHL Halftime Show,” designed to pump you up like at sports stadiums? Please include the title and the theme in your song suggestions! If your suggestion is chosen, your name will be printed in the pamphlet of the physical CD!

One of the many reasons the army unanimously decided to invite the Commander back into power is that he is known to blaze the way forward with a “get it done” record and visionary creativity. This time, he’s doing it with a little help from a trumpetist we all know and love.

What do YOU think of the idea of a physical CD? Let us know in the comments!

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