Noted! RFCP Gets 2 Official New Songs

NORTHERN LIGHTS, UKAHALA–For the first time since the anthem debuted, the army gains two official pieces of music composed just for the RFCP. Listen to them for the first time ever below!

The Recon Federation of Club Penguin (RFCP) stands leagues ahead of other armies in several exceptional–and historic–ways. Not least among those ways is how RFCP is the only army to have an official anthem with music and lyrics written and performed exclusively for the army. This anthem, called “Polaris” and composed and performed by the Honorably Retired Col. Pixie_Kisses, released on April 13, 2020. It is a beautiful piece of music and an incredible tribute to how this army inspires its soldiers.

Today, however, two years later, the RFCP is proud to present two additional, official songs.

Maj. Chocolateyness, a talented trumpetist and GarageBand-enthusiast, is behind these fantastic pieces. He ignited his creativity at the commission of Commander Prior Bumble after the Commander proposed the idea to him in DMs on October 18, 2022.

The songs are:

  1. “Under the Banner of PB” (battle hymn genre)
  2. “Orange is Better than Blues” (study jam genre)

Note that they are official songs under a genre…meaning, more official songs under said genres could be in the future!

But let’s not get ahead of ourselves.

Each song is carefully thought out to evoke the best mood for the army for the given activity. The battle hymn is designed to pump up the soldiers and churn out RFCP’s most energetic battlefield performance.

“Soldiers can expect to join voice chat at upcoming battles to have this playing on a loop while we contest,” said the Commander.

The study jam will be used more frequently, as it will give our Study Sesh and selective RFCP-U events theme music with solid RFCP branding. This jam is relaxing and ideal for concentration.

Each song has a unique titling scheme. “Under the Banner of PB” was titled by the Commander after he made an interesting realization:

Indeed, when you fight for the RFCP, you are fighting under the banner of the purple and black and of Prior Bumble. This soundtrack recognizes the highly meta banner of PB.

“Orange is Better than Blues,” Choco’s titling, acquired its name also with a play on words. Orange came from Maj. Choco’s rank color, and “Blues” is an homage to the jazzy, bluesy styles fused into the study jam.

Let’s head now into an exclusive interview with the composer himself!

Q: How does it feel to write the first official music for RFCP since our national anthem?

A (Chocolatyness): it’s pretty epic. i get to make history. again. i dont remember when the last time was but i do remember it happening.

Q: Can you tell us a little about each piece, musically, in your own analysis?

A: Well im no music nerd (relatively speaking). i learned a lot of stuff from my years in band and also jazz band which i started recently. i finally figured out what a half step was not too long ago.

The battle song actually started with that deep bass, then i had the idea for a solo to continue the song. rather than having a little 8 measure loop, i make a bass line, i make a percussion section to my liking, and i add melodies…edit them until the dynamics are just right, the timing is perfect..i work in little 8 measure sections, and they all connect to form one big song.

For the jazz song, there’s really no rules to jazz; you can just throw a bunch of chords together as long as they are in the right key and boom song. if you were to transcribe the song onto sheet music it would probably be quite a mess. thats about it

Q: How do you hope these songs will be used and impact the army?

A: i hope it would be like a spice on a nice dish to make something good even better

Q: It seems it already has! Any other comments?

A: yes remember that anyone can make a song. it’s easier than you think. you also dont need some 8 thousand dollar program just work with what you have

Most certainly, Choco’s comrades have reveled in the new tunes.

Because RFCP is, as we’ve always said, “an army of recordkeepers,” and makes its documents formal, below is the artistic contract for these pieces:

All together, that makes three songs of the RFCP.

It’s pretty certain one of them–the battle hymn–is in our near future…

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