Sunday Fun-Day: Volume 4, Issues 4 & 5

NORTHERN LIGHTS, UKAHALA–The RFCP Times-Dispatch is back with a double feature edition of our Sunday paper! Read on to see what we’ve been busy with, and get an exclusive look into what the month of October has in store for the Recon Federation of Club Penguin!

Weekly Recap

The Recon Federation of Club Penguin (RFCP) rang in the new week with a Meme Monday, as usual, on September 26.

Then, on Tuesday the 27th, it had a study session. 4 soldiers joined in for a three-hour stretch of studying, with relaxing Pokémon music playing in the background to keep everyone focused!

Several study goals were posted in #study-time, too! Congratulations to everyone, except Prior, for completing their goals! 

On Wednesday, September 28th, Commissar HamsterloverL hosted a Wheel of Fortune game for Casino Night. Commander Prior Bumble, who was in the hospital at the time, guessed the RFCP-themed phrases within the first letter or two…

Schokoladenkuchen! (“Chocolate cake” in German, and also an obscure Club Penguin server which was once an RFCP garrison in Club Penguin Warfare (CPW), the league we created).

Thursday the 29th was a difficult day for Cmdr. Prior as he was discharged from the hospital, but the following day, Friday, September 30th, the army was surprised with a kidney stone takeover complete with kidney related events! You could say we kid-ney-ed around (obviously Commissar Hamster wrote this section of the Sunday Fun-Day…).

What’s a good server takeover without channel name changes? These puns had us in stitches.

New kidney stone emote!

On October 1, we even had an RFCP-U workshop on kidney stones to educate those on the medical significance of the current server takeover! 4 students attended.

That same day, the soldiers enjoyed a hunt for kidney stones in this waterpark picture. Those who found them all received a BB prize! Since it’s been a while, here are the answers below:

Finally, yet another riveting RHL game was played that night. We still need you to stay tuned for more details…

On Sunday, October 2nd, RFCP dealt with internal matters, and then-Cousin Grandy (now Lt. Grandy!) was awarded the prestigious Badge of Satchmo.

Monday, October 3rd, saw the arrival of Meme Monday again, which provided well-needed comic relief as at least two of our soldiers had enormous midterms to crush that day.

On top of the other excitements, we celebrated our dear Uncle Cena’s birthday also on October 3, and we celebrated the creation of the 100th Ukahala account on October 4! What a fantastic week of celebrating for RFCP! October 4 also marked our weekly Study Sesh…but those who had midterms finally behind them may have been sleeping instead ;).

On Wednesday, October 5, Red Baron Exsavitator offered an awesome game of Jeopardy! for our Casino Night event. The game, which had RFCP-themed questions. lasted a whole two hours and the final score was Blue Team 1900 and Red Team -1300. Max of 10!

Then, On Thursday, October 6, Cmdr. Prior tested out a new game in #casino-de-coolj called “Masculinity Hit Points.” It was a hit with 10 players!

Friday, October 7, was out first official Halloween event of the month. We had a movie night, and four soldiers cozied up to watch Morbius (2022). Vampires galore! Many more frightful Friday film nights are on their way, so tune in next week where we will stream the Disney classic, Halloweentown (1998)!

Finally, we cheered on another RHL game on Saturday, October 8, with a max of 8. But again, you’ll just have to read more on that later!

This Week in History

Prior unlocked Level 2 for the RFCP server for the first time ever!

September 27, 2020–The first battle of the Outsiders War ends in RFCP victory! Despite the Templars of Club Penguin (TCP) lying to their troops about the verdict, it was declared an RFCP win by multiple judges.

October 4, 2020–RFCP officially declared victory over TCP in the Outsiders War! The declaration followed a 5-0 RFCP smackdown on TCP (or 4-1 if you want to count the biased TCP advisor who judged the second battle).

Soldier of the Week

Congratulations to Agent Chrrry for being named Soldier Of The Week on Friday, September 30! They are truly an inspiration to all of us by bringing their personality to the server. Even when they are sick, they are still making an effort to positively impact RFCP!

Then, the Soldier of the Week for Friday, October 7, is Agent Firestorm. Congratulations to a dedicated, good-hearted, and spirited soldier!


Commissar HamsterloverLCongratulations to Gen. Sillabye on their THIRD full year of enlistment!
Gen. Microwaveable HamsterCongratulations to Gen. Wolfy on one official full year of enlistment!  


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What do YOU think about RFCP’s October event calendar? Leave us a comment below to give us YOUR thoughts!

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