AoW225 Launches! RFCP Gets a 2nd Club Penguin Private Server for Battling

NORTHERN LIGHTS, UKAHALA–Or should that be BILLZARD, AOW225? The army witnesses the historic grand opening of its 2nd CPPS. The astonishing goal? Inter-army battling once more. Read on for details!

All eyes were on the server when Commander Prior Bumble said he had an announcement to make.

It was a monumental one.

Today, October 10, 2022, the Recon Federation of Club Penguin (RFCP) launched its second Club Penguin private server (cpps): Aow225.

The cpps takes its name from the 25th verse of the 2nd book (2:25) of Prior Bumble’s The Art of Warfare. The verse reads: “Remember we are called a war army.”

And indeed, this verse epitomizes the purpose of the new cpps. While the army’s first cpps, Ukahala, is meant to be a safe haven upon which the family can gather (hence the name Ukahala), AoW225 was designed for warfare.

“In keeping with the ideals of Phase II,” said the Commander, “I wanted to launch a platform upon which this great army could once again enjoy the thrill of battle with foreign states. I did not, however, want to sacrifice the safety and exclusivity of Ukahala by allowing people from other armies to have accounts there. This is how the idea for a separate space on AoW225 was born.”

So while Ukahala remains available only to RFCP-enlisted, you heard correctly: AoW225 will welcome non-enlisted to have accounts there. The goal for this is to practice battle other armies once more.

To get to AoW225, the same download link for the Ukahala client is used. However, one has to then click on this text in the top left which reads, “Back to AoW225.”

Notice that all of our screenshots of this cpps show the RFCP flag in the top left corner as well!

Now, the user will be led to this screen:

Ukahala and AoW225 accounts are NOT interchangeable. Again, for security reasons, those holding AoW225 accounts cannot use those same accounts to log onto Ukahala, and vice-versa. To make an account, just like with Ukahala, one has to message Prior Bumble one’s desired username and password, and accounts will be made for them.

Next, after logging in, you’ll see the one server attached to AoW225: The infamous Blizzard!

“Blizzard is the server we were founded on,” said the Commander, “but it is also historically the most populous, and therefore one of the most coveted servers when viewed as territory to control. Therefore, I could not think of a more war-ready server to choose to attach to AoW225 than Blizzard.”

Soldiers are excited about the news of this launch, which has long been foreshadowed in Phase updates and alluded to in Prior’s blog posts. Many have already made accounts and gone exploring. AoW225, unlike Ukahala, utilizes the NEW theme of Club Penguin, which provides interesting contrast for RFCP soldiers to enjoy. The modern rooms also offer never-before-had opportunities. For example, with the schoolhouse room, it is possible that the army could host some RFCP-U classes and workshops in-penguin.

Likewise, look at this alternative ice rink! The Recon Hockey League (RHL) could now actually have two arenas and thus finally adopt the “home” and “away” system it had already dreamed of.

Part of the Commander’s exhilarating announcement included the authorization of DOUBLE PAY in Bumble Bucks (BB) for Patrol Division reports which take place on AoW225 for today and tomorrow.

Brand-new minigames are another function of this shiny new cpps as well. But amidst all the appealing distractions, the army must not forget the true reason for AoW225’s existence.

“War the fuck on,” the Commander said. “This cpps is here for battle.”

And indeed, Prior Bumble has already said a battle with a foreign army is currently in the works:

Who could it be with…?

Start investigating, CPA!

(Hint: It’s not Red Rebellion (RR)!)

Because the new theme is a bit more cluttered with nooks and crannies than the nostalgic old theme, one does have to scout out AoW225 for areas with wide open expanses for good battling. Some of the best rooms for battle seem to be the fire ninja room (shown in the cover photo of this post), the stadium, the pool, and the iceberg (the latter two which are more or less identical to that of the old theme).

Then, again, perhaps the skate park could make for a fun practice battle…

Billy Bot Thorton, who can be seen skating the half pipe whenever one enters that room (what an Easter egg!), sure thinks so.

Are YOU excited for the new cpps? Let us know in the comments!

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