Phase II From the View of My Desk

NORTHERN LIGHTS, UKAHALA–From the desk of the Commander, Prior Bumble shares insight into Phase II, and offers salient updates on the affairs of the army.

Soldiers of the RFCP,

We are living in exciting times for the army. As discussed in a recent post, Phase II, which began July 5, has ushered in immeasurable vigor and activity for the Federation. In past eras, I remember feeling as if thrill and safety were mutually exclusive choices we could make, and that having both at the same time was impossible. This is no longer the case. I love the pure, supportive, and loving vibes we’ve enjoyed in the server, and yet I also feel the hunger and drive which have always motivated us. Amazingly, now that we are officially in Phase II, I believe RFCP has found a way to capture both.

Now, have things goes perfectly according to my plan? With the success we are seeing, it may look like it! The real answer is no: We’ve had some fluidity between Phase I and Phase II, and we’ve also made some unexpected moves to add to the end result you are seeing play out.

Insight from my desk is what you look forward to every Thursday, so let’s go over some of the behind-the-scenes improvisation that’s occurred regarding the Phases.

  1. Interchangeability Between Phase I and Phase II

Firstly, some items from Phase II landed in Phase I, and some items from Phase I will in fact have to be accomplished in Phase II. Originally, Phase II included the invitation of the Honorably Retired to return to the newly revamped server. We are still doing this in Phase II, but a few of our beloved retirees jumped the gun and couldn’t wait for the next Phase! Gen. Tumbling and Maj. CC both reenlisted during the first Phase instead of the second. No complaints here!

Under Phase I, I also expected to unveil the Ordinance Enactment. You may have noticed four of the Officers received a role called “ordained.” What could this be for…?! Exciting things, I assure you. But the timeline for this changed as other matters took precedent, and so we will look forward to this in Phase II instead.

2. Spontaneous Additions to the Two Phase Plan

Secondly, some excellent, unplanned additions have enhanced the execution of the Phases. One big one was extending my daily distribution of orders from hicom-only to the Soldier Advisement Committee Office (SACO). This means that non-Officers now receive orders directly from me and more closely contribute to the smooth operation of the army. Thank you to Commissar Hamsterlover for that idea.

Another unscheduled addition to Phase II is the return of Soldier of the Week (SOTW) which premieres tomorrow–you heard it here first!

Finally–what I believe to be a positive symptom of all our successes with the Two Phase Plan–our server has regained its Tier 3 status. A blog post on this achievement is forthcoming.

The little-appreciated first item of Phase II was, I remind you: “A) Assess the execution of Phase I, and make needed adjustments.” You could say I am doing this now, with my reflections in this post, and with the adaptations I’ve implemented. I am also acknowledging that truly any plan requires flexibility and a willingness to adjust to needs in real time. That is what we have done–and why execution was not perfectly rigid. Still, the deviations from the outline of the Two Phase Plan were extremely minor, suggesting the quality of the Plan’s integrity was pretty sound from the start.

I’ll be honest with you, RFCP: I was nervous to return. For the regular reasons, of course, but also because I was afraid my presence would not work the magical effect many of you came to expect of it. Not all of this is just the product of me presiding–so many of you have worked hard to bring these objective to fruition. Overall, though, I am pleased to say…

I had nothing to fear.

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