Phasing Into The Future of RFCP!: The Army Enters Phase II

NORTHERN LIGHTS, UKAHALA─ It’s been exactly one month since the Recon Federation of Club Penguin’s third anniversary and the reinstatement of Prior Bumble as Commander-in-Chief of the army. Since then, RFCP has been busy at work putting into action the Commander’s plan, and today, July 5, we enter into Phase II!  We interviewed the soldiers to hear in their words what they are looking forward to as the phase rolls out today.

After Commander Prior Bumble released the details of his plans to revitalize the Recon Federation of Club Penguin (RFCP), the army erupted into a fervor of activity.  You can read more about the Commander’s plans here!

Today, July 5th, marks not only exactly one month since the RFCP’s third anniversary, but one month since Phase I of the plan began.  In recent weeks, through their amazing dedication to the new event schedule and keeping the server active, the soldiers have made it clear that they are ready for Phase II. The Commander rang in the phase this morning as promised… 

This Phase will involve concentrated recruitment, invitations to past members, heightened competition, and the reopening of all RFCP divisions–in which the soldiers themselves will have the opportunity to apply to become a member or even head of the division. Day 1 of Phase II focused on this latter point.

Take a look at the thrilling announcements made earlier today in #division-applications:

Yes, you heard it here first:

Gen. Tumbling has been named the Warden.

Maj. October has been named the Division Head of Silver Thirty.

Maj. CC has been named the Den Fox.

The Commissars, in accordance with the Constitution, have been upheld as the Division Heads of Zero Cap Alpha and Generals Sillabye and Anilia will retain their positions of co-Division Heads of the Recruitment Coalition. Tumbling, October, and CC are making their debuts as first-timer Division Heads.

Commissar HamsterloverL, a reporter with the RFCP Times-Dispatch, decided to interview the soldiers on their thoughts on the new plan!

Question: As you can tell, RFCP has been extra active lately, with lots of new events, divisions, and other cultural revivals since Prior’s reinstatement as Commander!  As we finally reach Phase II in his plan, the RFCP Times-Dispatch wants to hear from YOU about how you feel about the future of RFCP!  Looking forward, what part of Phase II are YOU most excited for and where do you see the army in the near future????

“I’m excited to see how the Marines will do in this new era in the history of the RFCP. I know this will help us a lot in the near future.” ~Viz. Don

“Personally, I am the most excited to run Silver Thirty because I have plans to make it more welcoming for our youngins and I want it to be just a safe space that’s fun and groovy. In the future, I hope to see the army still popping and growing. The future is had to determine but what I do know is that we as an army will still be just as accepting and caring.” ~Major October

“Well its nice to finally see the army have activity levels comparable to the days before i was here. bringing back the divisions is a huge step towards activity and the hype from everyone is real. the future looks good and I’m excited to be able to see it happen.” ~Captain Choco

“More events, more people, more fun!” ~Gen Sillabye

“I’m excited about getting new members who can now see constant activities. In the hiatus it was hard to recruit because not much was done. Now there will be consistent events that will attract new recruits. seeing the server light up is always pretty epic. In my oath prior said they would be inviting all of the retired members. I hope to see some of them come back. I also look forward to BATTLES, ARMY-ING, WARRRRR. War is far-fetched but battles for sure.” ~Major CC

“Honestly, I’m just happy to be here…I’m excited for the reinstatement of divisions, both new and old, and I’m basically quaking in anticipation for the next time we get to fight somebody, even if it’s just a friendly sparring match. We’re a ‘war army’, after all—it’s only fitting that we get into a battle every now and then!” ~Gen Tumbling 

“There are a lot of things I’m excited for in the near future. I am enjoying the current activity, but with all the recruiting efforts going on, I look forward to seeing *several people are typing…* 24/7. I am also excited to reengage ourselves with other armies! I know we do not exactly get along with some of the big armies, but that’s their loss and I want to prove to everyone we are back bigger, better, and with a fire 😉 in our eyes.” ~Captain Krispy

“I’m most excited for leading these warriors into the confidence of their own power. For them to see this machine can roar with deafening noise as everyone operates one strong arm of it. As for where I see the army in the future? My dear. I told you, and will tell you again. I see it everywhere.” ~Commander Prior Bumble

Well, you heard it from the soldiers themselves! Everyone is super hyped for the future of RFCP!  Time will only tell how far we will go, but one thing is certain: RFCP soldiers are determined to make Prior and the RFCP proud!

 What are YOU most looking forward to as we unveil Phase II?  Let us know in the comments below!


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