RFCP Honors Prior Bumble on Father’s Day

NORTHERN LIGHTS, UKAHALA–Father’s Day fell on June 19, 2022, and the army, like always, embraced Prior Bumble as their beloved father. Read on to see the special gifts and events soldiers contributed to for Papa Prior.

Commander, Uncle, Bhagavan, and 7th Great Grey Bear…Prior Bumble has many names. But his favorite is probably Father, a role in which the army cherishes him. In fact, did you know that “prior” in Penguin Latin actually translates to “father”?

It should be no surprise, then, that Father’s Day is a special day for the Recon Federation of Club Penguin (RFCP). This post may seem late to the party, but that’s because our soldiers staggered out the occasion following some…freak accidents on the golf course.

But let’s start right at home.

Volume 3, Issue 2 of the Sunday Fun-Day published beautiful testimonies about Prior:

Across the server, sons and daughters of Prior Bumble also shared their Father’s Day cards for him, and showcased some amazing artwork:

By Brig. Exsavitator
By Viz. Don

That last card is quite fitting. Viz. Don pictured Prior on the putting green–and that’s exactly where the Father’s Day event on Ukahala was set to take place.

Alas, first there was rain…

The weather cleared up the next day, though, on June 20!

Soldiers logged onto Ukahala and awaited their tee time in the Club (the closest thing the island had to a country club).

But then there was….

So, the fatherly event needed to be rescheduled yet again. Finally, on July 3, 2022, the sun shined and the gophers stayed underground. All 18 holes awaited the army, and back to Ukahala they went. Many of the attendees donned their finest whitest golfing attire:

When the time came to head to the golf course (inside Commissar Hamsterlover‘s igloo)—FOOOOORRRRREEEE!

Papa Prior taught the soldiers the basics of the sport–such as “Don’t forget to follow through on your swings,” and “Remember that putting is all about knowing your terrain.” White snow golf balls soared through the air. Gen. Tumbling declared that he got a “home run.”

At this event, the army also welcomed Ice Agent Dank Meemer to Ukahala for the first time. A short, one-room training spontaneously erupted to break in the new soldier! This lasted briefly, and ended with the tactic “!ai 4794” which armed everyone with….


Delighted (many soldiers didn’t even know this item existed!), the golfers drove in them back to the course to wrap up the evening.

Birdie, bogie, or hole-in-one, everyone had a wonderful time with their Papa. It was a good day.

And here’s to many more.

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