Sunday Funday Returns! August 2021 Edition

NORTHERN LIGHTS, UKAHALA—Join us for a NEW edition of a completely redesigned Sunday (butreleasedonMondaythistime) Funday: now in monthly editions!

Welcome back to everyone’s favorite Sunday paper: Sunday Funday! After the busy events of our anniversary party back in June, the RFCP Times-Dispatch went on hiatus for the summer months! With a bunch of memorable summer events behind us, and a series of exciting autumn events right around the corner, this is the best time to jump back into Sunday Funday!  

August Recap

August started out with an announcement for the exciting Fifth Semiannual Feddies Award Show!  However, we all know how that turned out, as yet another Feddiegate conspiracy was on our hands!  (Hmm, I think for the next award show, we need insurance against Feddiegate damage XD!)

Our amazing Founder, Commander Prior Bumble came out of his retirement cave several times this month, which marked great celebration among the soldiers!

August 10th marked Commissar HamsterloverL’s 2 years and one-month anniversary of enlistment in the RFCP!  As per her request, Prior Bumble himself visited the server to bestow the award himself!

Nice to have a break from Feddiegate once in a while, right Random?

After forcing I mean voting to have Prior remain in the server for the evening, Vizconde Don convinced the man of the hour to sit in his fancy new rocking chair and watch the movie Twilight!  (AKA, Don’s obsession) As a critic of cheesy Young Adult novels himself, Prior graced the chat with his own commentary on the…questionable…movie choice.  

There’s nothing like an evening with Papa Prior, that’s for sure! 

The Feddies went smoothly on Sunday, August 15th!  You can read more about this ceremony here! Thank you once again to all of those who helped out, whether it was making venues, hosting, creating polls, taking in results, or most importantly, voting. We couldn’t have had this memorable show without all of your support!  

Congratulations especially to Commander Coolj for his LEGEND-ary award!  For those not aware, the “Big 5” awards of the CollinZFresh Peace Prize, Warrior Award, Innovation Award, Reconnaissance Award, and of course the RFCP Legend Award are all posted onto the “Awards” section of this website permanently!

Congratulations to all of our recipients!

Commander Coolj is among the wall of Legends that includes Prior Bumble himself!

However, Coolj received more than he bargained for when Major DJChorusKid photoshopped an image of Coolj’s in-game penguin with actual photographs of Prior’s shoes, which coolj despises.

Things soon became suspicious when…another Commander Coolj appeared???  The impostor began ordering soldiers to change their profile picture, at the disapproval of the original commander!

We have successfully ruined Coolj’s brand 🙂

Another one of our more eventful events was a battle led by Prior Bumble, in honor of Commissar Hamster’s birthday!  Prior retook his Commander position for the day at Hamster’s wish, and the entire server experienced a day under his leadership, complete with a classic battle and after-party at Lucky’s Bar! [A thorough battle report blog post will be released on this historic event soon–be on the lookout].

RFCP saw an incredible max of 14 soldiers, despite not having a training in quite some time!  

Look at that beautiful Red Wave!

For an army that survived over 2 years of countless failed attempts of bringing us down, we are very much alive!  Erat Ipso Sacra forever!!!!!

As per RFCP tradition, after a battle as big as this one, we had to rejoice at Lucky’s Bar!  Everyone had a great time celebrating such an incredible night and wishing the Commissar a very Happy Birthday!  

To make matters even more exciting, a surprise was in store for Prior!  In what seemed to be a surreal encounter, Prior met his past self!  A Prior Bumble from his 2007 army days came donning the classic red uniform of the People’s Republic Army!

That wasn’t all!  Prior had a few more surprises up his sleeve for the night!  Later that evening, some brand new RFCP merchandise items were released to the RFCP store!

And of course, what would RFCP be without our Hawaiian shirt obsessed Commander?  

Ever wanted to match Prior in classic Hawaiian shirt style?  Now for ONLY $1,400 Bumble Bucks YOU can steal his look!  Don’t delay, ORDER NOW!!!!

Promotions and Awards

The month of August led to a bunch of promotions and awards for our soldiers as well!  Congratulations to Ice Corporal Bearz, Brigadier Krispy, and Field Marshal Arne on their 1 year anniversary of enlistment to the RFCP this month!

Congratulations to all of the soldiers who were promoted this month as well!

Yoshiru (E) to corporal

 Tasty to ice agent

Rose to brigadier

Mikan to ice corporal 

Puzzles and Games

Find the hidden objects in the photo above!  (Submit a screenshot of the found items circled in #contest-submissions to win $50 BBs!)

Click the link to play the puzzle!

Contest Rules: 

  • To participate in the contest, you must include a photo of your completed puzzle with your time and the number of pieces included. The puzzle must be completed in its original setting, and including the number of pieces in your photo keeps the game fair.
  • All submissions must be sent to the #contest-submissions channel by next Saturday at midnight EST. 
  • The fastest time will win $75 BBs, with 2nd place getting $50 BBs and 3rd getting $25 BBs!

Upcoming events for September!

Stay tuned for a lot of Fall fun in September!  We’re kicking off the month with THE ULTIMATE recruitment contest!  Usually, bringing a new recruit to the army is worth $50 Bumble Bucks, but for this contest, each new recruit is worth a whole lot more…

Can you believe it?  $500 just for bringing someone new into the army! That means just 2 recruits = 1 month of Discord Nitro. 

Even if you don’t manage to oath the recruit into the main server, just by bringing the recruit into the portal server you will still receive a prize!  So don’t give up and do your best!  All soldiers who participate, whether successful or not, will still receive something for their efforts, so there’s no reason not to give it a try!  And who knows, maybe you’ll meet a new friend to bring into the RFCP family!  

NOTICE:  The contest has been extended to Tuesday, September 7th until 9PM EST, in order to give everyone some extra time to recruit!  It’s not too late to start!  Give it a try!  If you need help, an officer or someone else in the server would love to assist you!  You are not alone!!!!!

The event planning committee also has one more surprise up our sleeves for September, one that you might find quite “lit” if you ask me…

…You wouldn’t mind if I leave my torch here, would you?

Hmm, why do I have a bad feeling about this…better get the Fiji water out just to be safe…

Join us in mid-September for the return of our RFCP Olympics Games!  Compete against other teams in various fun minigames to bring home the gold medal and even BIGGER Bumble Buck prizes for your team!  What would YOU do with over $1,000 Bumble Bucks????  Soldiers will have the opportunity to appoint their own team leaders to lead their team to victory!  Stay tuned for the biggest RFCP Olympics Games ever, completely redesigned!

More information will be posted soon!  

From the fantastic Feddies, to the most memorable memes, August has brought so many incredible moments to the RFCP!  With September already in our midst, what autumn memories could be in our future?  Keep an eye out for September’s issue of Sunday Funday, coming out at the end of the month!

What was YOUR favorite moment from August?  Let us know in the comments below what YOU want to see next!


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