The Meaning Behind RFCP Bumble Bucks

NORTHERN LIGHTS, UKAHAKA—Want to learn more about Bumble Bucks, what they represent, and how they came to be? Keep reading!

Every dollar, peso, euro, pound, and rupee is its own set of unique bills and coins. Each may include various symbols, images, quotes, or moments of history from its specific nation. One good example is the American bills, which feature American founding fathers.

RFCP’s very own bank is no different.  When the bank of RFCP opened its doors for the first time on November 15th, 2019, bills were designed with aspects of RFCP lore in mind. Original designers included retired Col. Roman Prince, retired Brigadier ThatOneNoob, retired Brigadier Waffle, Red Baron Opino3, and most notably Commander Prior Bumble himself.  These bills included $1, $5, $20, $50, and $100 bumble bucks, as well as a special $-10 one that is used for fining misbehaving soldiers.

Later on, $10, $500, and $1000 Bumble Buck bills were added to accommodate the growing influence of the bank. Each buck features images, quotes, text, and other aspects of RFCP history. So in this blog post, we will be dissecting each and every one, starting with the history behind the name itself. The “Bumble” of Bumble Buck is a play on our very own founder’s name, Prior Bumble. Buck, on the other hand, is a word that refers usually to currency, instead of calling them dollars, which would have been too similar to the American dollar. Nice alliteration, too.

As for the bills themselves, the history behind each one is much more complex.  While each bill features the date of RFCP’s foundation (June 5th, 2019), the motto of the army (Erat Ipso Sacra), and Prior Bumble’s own signature, each bill also features particular nuggets RFCP’s culture and history.

The $1 Bill

The first one we will be looking at is the $1 bill. Inspired by the American one-dollar bill, it features several points from early RFCP history.  Most notably is the RFCP constitution, which is the pinnacle of RFCP culture and delineates the customs, traditions, and rules of the army.  The yawning green Puffle was known to be the symbol of retired Lieutenant Lucky Quinn, who played a crucial role in RFCP’s early days and whose name is featured on the bill.  Finally, we have the commanding chair from the EPF Headquarters, where RFCP had its pre-discord origins.  This was the very chair that Prior Bumble founded RFCP upon.  The $1 bill is one of the lesser-used bills, as we tend to use rounder sums of money when paying out.

The $5 Bill

Next up, the $5 bill. Its most prominent feature is the face of Commodore Eugegard Bumble, Prior’s great-great-great-grandfather. While inspired by a Monopoly note, this bill also has the RFCP logo/flag as well as a small icon representing the iceberg considered the “sacred ground” of RFCP.

The $10 Bill

Then there’s the $10 bill, which is one of the newer additions to the Bank of RFCP.  Since patrols are worth $10 apiece, this bill was created to simplify payouts instead of having to use two $5 bills.  Former Commissar and current RFCP-U Dean Redvoyco being its front face, it goes for a black secret agent aesthetic, referring once again to our reconnaissance based in-game origins.   The EPF System Defender minigame level icon pays homage to the legend that Prior Bumble was playing System Defender right before he founded RFCP. Now there’s a barcode and a 75 and a 93 randomly there. I interviewed Prior and he stated that both have hidden meanings, but it’s up for you to discover what it’s all about.  What could this mean?  

The -$10 Bill

The $-10 bill is a funny, albeit outdated addition. It features Uncle Cena, CANC Leader, with his signature “wary” emoji profile picture. It also makes references to some of the armies he had led in the past such as the lightning logo of the Shock Troops and a duck representing the former RFCP colony, the Duck Knight Army/Duck Defenders. Finally, there is a PNG picture of a cow representing the infamous Battle of Fur and Fury.

There’s also a reference to Beniepasta, in the phrase “I mean I already have money so I’m kind of over $10 at this point.” There’s also the Disney logo, which is a fun nod to Cena’s first army in the Club Penguin Private Servers era of the Club Penguin Armies, the PG Family Friendly Disney Initiated Cuddle Kittens (PGFFDICK), which was eventually banned three events in for “offensive tactics” and its acronym.  This bill certainly has a lot of symbolism to it!

FUN FACT: This bill was updated/remade recently, but we can’t find the proposed design. Message us if you have it!

The $20 Bill

The $20 bill features the People’s Republic Army leader CollinZfresh, who was Prior’s CPA mentor and RFCP’s own grandfather. It’s pink, and divided into fours, with each box showcasing PRA’s influence on RFCP.  One has a description of what Collin achieved in his time leading, another features a quote from him, a third has the founding date of RFCP and right below the date in which PRA was founded, while the words RFCP are sitting in the last space.  This bill is one of the most frequently used since often it is the standardized amount for Officer gifts to soldiers.  

The $50 Bill

The $50 bill is inspired by a monopoly $100 dollars bill. This one has RFCP Legend and former General Tumbling on it, as well as a tin can. The tin can represents Gen. Tumbling’s nickname, “The Tin Can Officer,” for his tendency of being unemotional and steadfast. It also has crossed swords, because Gen. Tumbling was the officer who suggested using a sword in the Officer uniform. The designated Officer hat is also present, which Officers are required to wear so that they stand out during combat. This also symbolizes Tumbling’s role in creating the officer uniform. General Tumbling was a special exception to the uniform policy however (it was well understood that Cmdr. Prior would do anything for Tumbling) and got to wear his snazzy fedora!  (Which in my opinion looks amazing).

The $100 Bill

The $100 bill features the one and only legendary Prior Bumble with a green background. It displays his quote “I have walked among the wild, and the wild is you,” which was uttered during the battle speech of RFCP’s first war with LGA: The War of Smoke and Sour. The pawprint symbolizes the idea that Prior is rumored to be the 7th Great Grey Bear of the Int’ai’uto Strait. Prior is known to read children’s books to the army in #storytime-with-papa-prior which explains the book in the top corner. It can also be a nod to the fact that Prior writes a large deal of the blog posts and RFCP history. It’s a fairly standard bill, and if you write for the blog you’re guaranteed to see this bad boy twice after publishing a post!

The $500 Bill

Now we get even higher up in value! The $500 bill is an elusive one. You have to work pretty hard to get one of these, since usually bills over $100 are not given too frequently. It’s a purple bill featuring the Great Grey Bear scepter given to Prior by the Great Grey Bears of the Int’ai’uto Strait. There are also fun, trippy details in the background that look like a flower and a star fractal. It also features a gold patch with the profile picture of then-Lieutenant Hamsterlover in memory of her late hamster, Thea, who passed away during the minting of this bill. Underneath the scepter, there is a secret Penguin Latin code!  Can you decipher it?

The $1000 Bill

The last bill of the day is the second rarest bill of them all, because it has actually has been given to soldiers more the $1 bill!

Just kidding we can laugh at ourselves

We’re talking about the $1000 Bumble Buck! It is quite unique in the way it represents its sum. Big, fat, downwards text, suitable for the largest bill of the Bank of RFCP! This one features former Commander and current Red Baron, Opino3. It has snowflakes, rhombus shapes, a tiny version of the Prior Worm emoji, some lines and dots (Morse code in fact, which also holds a hidden message), and a gold line. It is truly a sight to behold! This powerhouse bill is usually awarded only at the Commander’s discretion and only for the worthiest of reasons.  


Remember, these are only the KNOWN easter eggs, meanings, and inner jokes of the current Bumble Buck lineup. Who knows what new Bumble Bucks could be minted in the future and what lore they could possess? And who knows what secret codes and other easter eggs could still be uncovered in the current Bumble Bucks?  Only time will tell…

Do YOU have a favorite bill? Are there any secrets that we missed?  Leave a comment below and let us know your thoughts!

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