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Commodore Eugegard Bumble

The blog of RFCP ordains a new series today, in which the ancestors of Commander Prior Bumble, founder and first leader of the army, are featured and described.

While visiting with Prior in his igloo for a mug of coffee, Cadence (PCP) noticed a sepia photograph in a frame next to the fireplace. She picked it up.

“Ah, yes,” said Prior. He set down his mug. “Grandfather Eugegard.”

“Who was he?” Cadence said. Prior motioned her to the chair.


Eugegard (YOU-je-guard) Bumble is the great great great grandfather of Prior Bumble. As a boy, he worked on the rocky northwest coast of Club Penguin Island, bottling oil that was used to light the towns, and peddling it in a satchel over his shoulder in the Plaza. Like any young Bumble, he grew up hearing stories of the Great Bumble Migration and wondering if he’d ever see the Int’ai’uto Strait described in those tales.

Unfortunately, he never would. Eugegard enlisted in the Mariner’s Navy when word broke that the Ker’vat Noot tribe, which fished in the isles just west of iceberg, had capsized a whaling vessel on New Year’s Day. The men of Club Penguin Island, peaceful before then, congregated to form the Mariner’s Navy.

The Mariners were skilled seamen, but undisciplined soldiers. It did not take long for Eugegard’s peers to realize his talent for leadership.

After the Battle of Broken Glass at Playhalo Isle on January 3, Eugegard’s ship, Blairmore, took on three native war vessels. Naturally, he was overpowered, and the Blairmore endured flooding into the hull. Eugegard ordered his men to the crow’s nest and steered the ship to the shore at a 40 degree angle as it sank. Miraculously, no one in his crew perished that day.

Accounts of the battle are subject to some variation. The original story claims that Eugegard managed to sail the Blairmore all the way back to the sacred iceberg. A more probable reality is that he sailed it from Playhalo to a safe cove at Ukahala, where reinforcements picked up the weary crew at nightfall before more Kerv’at Noot could find them.

Eugegard was unanimously promoted to Commodore of the Mariners and acquired control of the entire fleet. The war would last only five more days under his command, which saw the Mariners delivering speedy and heavily gunned naval offense. The Kerv’at Noot natives vanished without a trace.

The victory did not come without a price for Eugegard. He took a snowball to the ribs and was never strong enough again to travel long distances. Therefore, he never made the pilgrimage to the Grey Polar Bears of Int’ai’uto.

Eugegard settled down and had a family. He fell in love with the daughter of the house which would eventually open the Gift Shop on the island. However, there were rumors that he’d taken a secret lover from the Kerv’at Noot tribe and that one of his fourteen children were illegitimate. Scholars consider this rumor unfounded.

In his spare time, Eugegard enjoyed oil painting. Prior Bumble desires to one day find an heirloom of Eugegard’s paintings, but they may be lost to time. It is said he used dark colors.

Eugegard Bumble is featured on the $5 bill of RFCP.

His sparkling eyes and smile are not omitted from the currency.

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  1. I also had an ancestor Battle of the Broken Glass. Serggulente was a smart man.

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