The Famous Hats of RFCP

NORTHERN LIGHTS – UKAHALA Colonel Shy Guy is back with a blog about the different hats of RFCP and the incredible people who wore them!

Prior Gets a New Hat - Recon Federation of Club Penguin

If you’ve been a long time member or friend of the Recon Federation of Club Penguin (RFCP), you have probably noticed the various hats that you may have seen. Normally soldiers wear the Black Hockey Helmet:

Black Hockey Helmet | Club Penguin Wiki | Fandom

While officers wear the Cruise Captain’s Hat:

However, RFCP allows the Commander and the Commissar to choose their own unique hat. On very rare occasions, some other officers are permitted to choose a hat as well (with approval). The Admiral and the Red Baron always wear the Admiral’s Hat and the Pilot’s Cap, respectively. Our heroes have therefore hung many more hats on the coat rack than the two pictured above, so read on for a full list of the many hats of the RFCP, and the amazing people who wear them!

Prior Bumble

If the RFCP anthem isn’t enough to tell you about this amazing hat, then I don’t what is. Prior Bumble wears his famous hat, striped white and red.

But did you know that Prior Bumble obtained his hat whilst he was enlisted in the People’s Republic Army (PRA)? This hat has become such a trademark and symbol for our esteemed Commander, it was decreed that no other man or woman shall wear it.

Prior’s hat can vary based off different Club Penguin Private Servers (CPPSes), but it is most commonly the red and white striped “Marching Band Hat” above (cannon to the PRA). However, on Club Penguin Rewritten (CPR), Prior wears the “One Man Band Hat,” below, because the other is not available.

One Man Band Hat | Club Penguin Rewritten Wiki | Fandom

The most iconic of RFCP for sure!

Commander CoolJ

Commander CoolJ has worn “The Continental” hat for both his career as Commissar and Commander of RFCP. He obtained it when he was named Commissar (and therefore automatically became eligible to choose a unique topper), and continues to wear it to this day as Commander of the RFCP.

Red Baron Opino3

Red Baron Opino3 currently wears the “Pilot Cap” like all Red Barons. However, this isn’t the first time this penguin has worn a special hat.

During his time as Commissar, our dear Red Baron Opino3 wore the “Shipshape Hat,” available to him for taking role of second-in-command.

In January of 2020, when Prior Bumble shortly retired, Red Baron Opino3 became the 2nd Commander of RFCP. His hat of choice? Well, what do you know: it’s Prior Bumble’s secondary hat (not the exclusive one), the “One Man Band Hat”! Amazing, I tell you. Opino3 must have really loved and admired his predecessor.

Colonel Shy Guy

Now, this fine penguin was an ordinary penguin until he became the apprentice of Prior Bumble. Along with his apprenticeship, Colonel Shy Guy (me) was granted permission to choose a hat. He chose one called the “Commander’s Hat,” not to be confused with Prior Bumble’s hat.

General Tumbling

The final hat I will be discussing in this article belongs to our dear retired General Tumbling. Tumbling used to marshal RFCP with his famous “Grey Fedora,” and this hat certainly suits a man who was worthy of receiving the title of RFCP Legend.


These are only a handful of hats that are in RFCP! Who knows? Maybe you’ll be worthy of an exclusive hat in the future! 

What do YOU think about these hats? Do they suit the penguin seen above? Let us know in the comments below!


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