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NORTHERN LIGHTS, UKAHALA–What are the top five Prior Bumble quotes of all time? Read on to found out, and scroll to the bottom for exclusive quote images you can use in the server, or anywhere!

The Recon Federation’s Founder and Commander, Prior Bumble, is known for his eloquence with words, and in using them to conduct any situation he is presented with. After asking members of the RFCP, I have compiled a list of the top 5 quotes from our cherished Commander.

#5 IT







Coming in on the number 5 slot on the countdown, we have: “IT IS TIME FOR THE BATTLE SPEECH!!”

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This quote was used by Prior Bumble to get soldiers excited for big battles, and explosive emoji reactions, salutes from officers, and a hush of anticipatory silence always followed. Cue the hype and powerful wordsmithing. RFCP still holds this quote near and dear, and uses it as a precedent for all major battle speeches, making it one of the most unforgettable of all time.

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#4 “You don’t need to be hurting as much as you are, because you got a whole family here.”

Our number 4 position was suggested by Uncle Satchmo, pulled from a private letter Prior Bumble wrote to him.

While this quote may be pretty self-explanatory, it has earned its rank on our Top 5 list, because it is one of the many perfect examples we have of Prior Bumble’s compassion towards his soldiers. At the Recon Federation, everyone is family; and while it is easy to feel sad sometimes, this quote is a perfect way of saying you are never as alone as you may feel.

#3 “The best way to be a leader is to be good to my soldiers.”

Coming in at our midway point is one of Prior Bumble’s earliest quotes. He is recording as first saying it in-game at the Ski Village before RFCP was even declared an army in CPATG!

This quote best exemplifies how Prior Bumble viewed leadership and what it entails. Prior Bumble cares for his soldiers and considered that “good shepherd” mentality as his greatest mandate for command.

Perhaps this affinity for stewardship started even before we met him. Before Prior Bumble was our Commander at RFCP, he served as Commissar, second-in-command, of the People’s Republic Army with ColinZfresh. ColinZfresh was not only Prior Bumble’s friend and leader at the time; he was Prior’s mentor. Through ColinZFresh’s guidance, Prior learned that being a good leader doesn’t always translate directly into what you do on the battlefield, but to how well you can minister to the needs of your soldiers off the battlefield. This led to other Prior Bumble policies, most notably the Constitutional, “Put the person before the penguin.”

Club Penguin: The Rooms Of Club Penguin
Site where Prior first said this quote, circa June 4, 2019

#2 “War the fuck on.”


While the battle for our number 1 slot was very close, the decided runner-up quote is: “War the fuck on.”

Dating back to World War 8, our controversial second place winner shines a spotlight on the war-lust of Prior Bumble. He described himself as a “war dog,” and as former CPAH CEO Pookie437 once said,

Prior taught everyone in RFCP to never back down from a fight. Even while facing several of the biggest armies, Prior Bumble, and the RFCP, knows that the most important thing is standing tall in the face of our enemies and holding the sacred ground (erat ipso sacra!).

#1 “Woof.”

Nobody should be surprised by this.

Coming in as the Number 1 Prior Bumble quote of All Time is: “Woof.”

At the Recon Federation of Club Penguin, Prior Bumble is revered for his authority and leadership. He is the alpha wolf, and he makes sure everyone knows it.

The quote was so true-to-form for how we all see Prior as being our alpha, that it has stuck around and officially earned its position as top dog on our Top 5 Prior Bumble Quotes.

!!! Honorable Mention !!!

But wait! There’s more!

Seeing as Commander CoolJ was the only one to bring this quote up, and it was too funny to leave off our list, our honorable mention goes to: “What is ‘dior dior’? Is that lingo from the hood?”

True to his renowned “boomer” nature, Prior asked the question one day many months ago while then-Commissar Coolj was singing along to “Dior” by Pop Smoke in one of the voice chats. While Commander Coolj is young and seems to be (for the most part) interested in rap music, Commander Prior Bumble is more laid back and prefers older genres. When the two worlds collided in a voice chat one night, it was nothing but pure comedy as the older and younger generations of RFCP Commanders tried to understand each other’s taste in music.

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