What it Takes to Run an RFCP Channel

NORTHERN LIGHTS, UKAHALASo you think you have what it takes to run your own RFCP channel?  Read on to find out!

Picture this: one day, #general-chat is slow and you’re bored, wishing for something to do. While searching the server, you head on over to the RFCP Store, where you gawk at all the things you want to buy but can’t afford yet. The opportunities seem endless!  Along with real RFCP merchandise like pillows, snow globes, magnets, apparel, and pens, there are virtual prizes such as Discord Nitro, personalized roles, memes, copypastas, Amazon gift cards, even a date with an Officer!  Isn’t capitalism amazing?

But one product may catch your attention more than any other. 

Arguably one of the most coveted RFCP prizes is one’s very own custom RFCP Channel.  Many soldiers dream of having their very own channel to showcase their passions.  We’ve already seen a few examples of the lucky soldiers who opened up their channels: from astronomy to fun facts to even cooking. There are countless possibilities!

For the low, low, down payment of $2,000 Bumble Bucks, this offer could be yours! (Hey, I said it was attention-grabbing!). Now, as any mother would tell her six-year-old kid who found a dog on the street on the way home, taking care of something is a big responsibility. But nevertheless, the possibility of having a channel for your own shenanigans is quite an interesting one, and so many soldiers do take on the lease.

So if you had the funds and decided you wanted to purchase your own channel, what would be expected of you next? After forking out the large sum of your down payment to a banker, you would have the honor of naming your channel (within reason…) and being added to a neat little group chat with all the other channel owners. However, your responsibility would not end there.  

You may see that some users who had purchased their own channels, most notably Col. Shy Guy’s #astronomy and Vizconde Don’s #fun-facts, had been closed.  This is because of a rent system, in which you have to pay a sum of $150 Bumble Bucks every two weeks, totaling $300 Bumble Bucks monthly.  Each payment you fail to pay will stack up and become debt. Once you’ve accumulated enough debt, your channel can and will be shut down indefinitely until you pay said debt.

Business Debt - Can it Really be a Good Thing? | Anglo ...

If you ever find yourself in debt, don’t despair!  Firstly, it is unconstitutional in the RFCP for ANY channel to be permanently deleted–all are archived and visible only to the Commander and Prior Bumble (when he is not serving as Commander). So your channel is safe and waiting for you when you’re ready to take it back! Secondly, it is very possible to get yourself out of debt by making some Bumble Bucks by patrolling or recruiting! Fortunately, Shy Guy was able to pay off his debt and now has his channel back, but Don is sadly still stuck in I-own-a-channel-but-I-can’t-use-it purgatory.

My own channel, #hunger-games-simulator, which I own alongside Maj. Djchoruskid,  was archived back in January due to user disinterest and lack of funding.  Recently, it was reopened and freed of its debt, once the whopping $600 Bumble Bucks were paid off. There’s also Col. Microwaveable Hamster’s #cookie-cooking channel to share food and recipes, which hasn’t been archived or fallen in debt, thanks to a stable funding base (even if I use that channel more than Sgt. Cookie herself).

So it may all look like doom, gloom, debt, and bankruptcy, but I’m here to offer a couple of solutions so you too can earn enough money to pay the channel rent after you buy your own channel:

  • Doing 3 patrols each day for five days will net you the money in a third of the time you have available to pay off the channel.
  • Releasing a single blog post will earn you $200 Bumble Bucks, with $50 to spare after paying off one rent payment.
  • Recruit 6 soldiers. It may be tedious, but you’re helping the army at the same time you make $25 Bumble Bucks per soldier recruited.
  • Keep an eye out for contests, tournaments, or events with rewards. Most pay you for participating!
  • Officer rewards/gifts. Officers can give you some Bumble Bucks for many reasons, like hosting Twilight themed Hunger Games. Right, Don?
  • Mix and match any of the above!

Always make sure to tell a banker when you’ve completed any of those tasks, so they can give you the money you earned. Another point to note is that soldiers in debt are not restricted to the 3 patrols per day rule, meaning they can grind nonstop as well. By recruiting 10 soldiers in a day, you will be rewarded with an EXTRA $500 Bumble Bucks as a bonus to the $25/each! (Try bringing that stash in, I challenge you!).

Running a channel is a fun responsibility–that is, when you aren’t stuck in a pit of financial despair and unpaid rent. But with all of these solutions, you should be in the clear!

Would YOU want to run an RFCP channel?  Think YOU could keep up with the responsibility?  Leave us a comment below to let us know your thoughts!

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