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Historic Practice Battle with ACP

NORTHERN LIGHTS, UKAHALA–It’s true! RFCP and ACP put their past behind them and move forward with a friendly and action-packed practice battle.

Credit to ACP for this awesome graphic!
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Field Marshal JustinTFC Honored for 1 Year of Service

NORTHERN LIGHTS, UKAHALA–One year is a long time to serve in a Club Penguin army! Check out how RFCP paid tribute to a whole 365 days of service for a special officer.

Ceremony where Prior Bumble pinned the medal on Justin’s jacket
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New Medal Minted in RFCP

NORTHERN LIGHTS, UKAHALA–RFCP is known for its beautiful medals earnable by hardworking soldiers. Tonight, we introduce a brand new medal…

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Promotions! Arne Becomes and Officer; Others on the Rise

NORTHERN LIGHTS, UKAHALA–Tonight saw a former PZF 3ic become an officer and hicom in the RFCP. Read on for the story.

Arne’s new badge
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Protected: An Update on Prior Bumble’s Exciting Project

This content is password protected. To view it please enter your password below:

RFCP Pays Tribute to the Creator of Dragon Tales

NORTHERN LIGHTS, UKAHALA–A staple of RFCP culture is, of course, Dragon Tales. Tonight we honor the show’s creator following his passing earlier this year.

Dragon Tales - Wikipedia
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The Famous Hats of RFCP

NORTHERN LIGHTS – UKAHALA Colonel Shy Guy is back with a blog about the different hats of RFCP and the incredible people who wore them!

Prior Gets a New Hat - Recon Federation of Club Penguin
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The Meaning Behind RFCP Bumble Bucks

NORTHERN LIGHTS, UKAHAKA—Want to learn more about Bumble Bucks, what they represent, and how they came to be? Keep reading!

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Declaration of Victory–The Outsiders War

NORTHERN LIGHTS, UKAHALA: RFCP officially declares victory in the Outsiders War after several judges rule in their favor, ending the conflict in Templars defeat.

Hello, Recon Federation of Club Penguin!

On September 23, 2020 the oh so pathetic, Templars, declared a “5th Holy War” on RFCP. They did this claiming to be “standing up against bullying,” but I’m sure former Templar, ot_ter, a thirteen-year-old they bully for leaving TCP after she acknowledged their toxicity and brainwashing, strongly disagrees with the claim that Templars are anti-bullying. I’m sure Rowan, who Xing called a “f–ggot,” strongly agrees with that claim that Templars are anti-bullying (read more on that below). Overall, it seems this war didn’t go exactly as you planned, did it, Allissa? Did it, Xing? Did it, Luca? Did it, Templars? These were the original terms you proposed for the war:

The original war terms

As should be widely known in the community, armies cannot restrict when other armies schedule battles against them in war. This shows how truly little the leaders of Templars know about how armies work. They lack the intelligence that we hold. We deemed term “2.” and term “3.” invalid.

The first battle of the war took place on September 26, where Rowan Alden/Wikiboy was chosen as the judge. At the time, Wikiboy was an advisor for both armies. Pics of the battle and the judge decision will be shown below:

“I declared my verdict. RFCP win. That’s that.”

Following the battle, Templars “shadow leader” Xing threw a fit, fired Wikiboy from his position as Templars advisor, and called him a very derogatory, disrespectful term.

And yet Xing says I’m shadow leading.

On September 28, we had a second battle with the Templars, this time judged by CPAWL judges. One of which, was a Templars advisor:

“We.” “We.” “We.” Haha.

Despite request, CPAWL never reviewed this battle. They decided that the battle that followed this one had biased judging, but despite the same Templars advisor judging this one, there was no suspicion of bias for this battle. This battle was judged by a Templar. We personally see this battle as null, but respect the fact that CPAWL recognizes it as a Templars victory.

While the third battle of this war, taking place on September 30, was originally dubbed a Templars victory, this was later reviewed due to the fact that a Templars advisor was chosen to judge. CoolGuy, CPAWL CEO, stated that this was a clear RFCP victory. Templars refuses to accept this and has continued to lie to their troops claiming that they won this battle.


In the fourth battle of this war, which took place on October 2, the Templars failed to show up, forfeiting the battle. This resulted in an RFCP victory. I guess Ice Warriors can’t log on during the week. Hahahaha!

Finally, taking place on October 3 (my birthday muhahaha), we were set to once again battle Templars. RFCP logged on, Xing logged on, Ice Warriors logged on. Templars failed to give us the rooms for the battle. As you may know, it is tradition for the scheduling army to decide rooms. Templars leaders claimed that the new RFCP Commander, Coolj, had all of them blocked. This was completely untrue and they provided zero evidence of it being true. For this battle, Xing refused to use CPAWL judges, as the staff had caught onto the fact that their advisors and Xing’s friends were judging battles and put a stop to it. Cobra was chosen as the judge for this battle, not by RFCP, but by Templars. He had this to say:

I decided to investigate further into this, thinking that it’s entirely possible that this was done on purpose, this is what I discovered from asking a very close friend of Xing, and the judge of this battle, Cobra:

Templars forgot to give us the rooms intentionally. Sad.

Now, after reviewing every battle, it is clear the score of this war is 4-1 (or 5-0) in favor of the Recon Federation of Club Penguin. Nice try, Templars. Nice try, Allissa. You failed. You’ve never been able to beat us, and you never will.

Templars later edited their terms without informing anyone in RFCP. We didn’t agree to abide to their original terms, and we never planned on agreeing to any of the new ones.

Lots of what was talked about in this post was also discussed in our last blog post created by RFCP Reporter MicrowavableHamster!

Upon our victory, RFCP will be recognizing any further battles scheduled by Templars as invalid and irrelevant until December 1, 2020. Templars can continue to lie to their troops and claim victory, but the judge’s decisions say otherwise. The media will say otherwise. History will say otherwise. The CPA Wiki has agreed to acknowledge the judge-supported war score at the publication of this post as the final score and an RFCP victory in the war. Congratulations to all our soldiers, and congratulations to Coolj on leading RFCP to victory in his first war as leader.

We have secured a first war victory for you, and we have defended the honor of Commander Prior Bumble.

RFCP Victory.

Cena, RFCP Head Advisor

The Outsiders War Battle Updates: Templars Devastated by RFCP

NORTHERN LIGHTS, UKAHALA: After CPAWL CEO steps in to address judging bias, TCP no-shows battle 4, and fails to provide rooms for the fifth battle, RFCP gains massive 4-1-0 lead in the war.

The Templars of Club Penguin (TCP) appear to be crumbling under the pressure of RFCP. Unfortunately, due to their hicom’s lies, many of the soldiers of TCP are being left in the dark about their poor performance in the Outsiders War.

Battle 1:

26 SEPTEMBER 2020 – 08:00 pm EDT

RFCP kicked off the Outsiders War with a bang and several surprises (you can read about the battle in full detail here). After a rigorous overtime, where Prior Bumble surprise-appeared to rally RFCP spirits, it was announced that RFCP had won the battle. Templars hicom promptly lied about their win in the first battle of the war.

No description available.
Battle 1 of the Outsiders WAR
No description available.
credits to MicroHamster
This never gets old

Battle 2:

28 September 2020 – 08:00 pm EDT

The second battle was a very close one; RFCP battled tirelessly with TCP into another overtime, but in the end, RFCP came up just short of the win. Could bias have been in play? We certainly like to think so; seeing as Popcorny/Mattsr (TCP advisor) was judging.

No description available.
The (biased) Verdict

Due to the clear bias in judging, RFCP views this battle as a draw, leading the score of the war to RFCP 1-1-0.

Battle 3:

30 SEPTEMBER 2020 – 08:00 pm EDT

Apparently, members of RFCP aren’t the only ones getting tired of the biases when it comes to judgement of our battles. After the third battle in the Outsiders War, again barreling into overtime, showed clear bias in the judgement, the validity of the result was brought into question with a startling revelation that would change everything.

No description available.
No description available.
No description available.
No description available.

Humor aside, the battle was fast paced with clever tactics and sharp formations for RFCP, once again pushed into overtime. It seemed to be an obvious win until:

No description available.

RFCP was, understandably, outraged with the results, and it brought forth again the question of bias in the judging of our battles. Thankfully, we weren’t the only ones who thought this was the case. The battle footage was put up for review to Coolguy, CEO of the war’s governing league, and a new verdict was issued:


With the new verdict from an uninvolved and unbiased judge, RFCP gained even more ground with a score of RFCP 2-1-0 in the Outsiders War.

Battle 4:

2 OCTOBER 2020 – 07:59:57 pm EDT

RFCP showed up prepared for our 4th battle with TCP. Apparently the Templars had other plans, because when the time came for the battle to commence, RFCP stood alone on the field.

No description available.
“Where is TCP” indeed

Perhaps the Templars were afraid of being destroyed again in the war they declared on RFCP with promises of “not just sitting back” and “putting us in our place”.

No description available.
Photo taken from the Templars’ DECLARATION of war BLOG. What else are you lying about Templars? WE’RE WAITING.

Or, maybe, there is more to the story. Did Sha and SupremeP0wer (aka LuckyLuigi–the very user who doxxed Shallissa and her eight-year-old sister, as well as many others) let the Templars crumble while they had a date night? Did Xing need the time to make more alts for his multis? No, readers, unfortunately the trembling Templars decided not to show to last night’s battle because their leaders lied again.


There was, in fact, a battle last night, dear Templars. Sadly, due to your hicom’s lack of morals, you lost by default giving RFCP a now 3-1-0 lead in the Outsiders War.

The truth behind the fourth battle is actually much more pathetic than having a momentary memory loss and forgetting to post about the battle.

The original terms set by the Templars are as follows:

No description available.
Photo from the CPAH blog about the war
No description available.
confirmation that these are the terms screenshotted from TCP’s blog

However, shortly after Commander CoolJ set a schedule for last night’s battle, The Templars took it upon themselves to add a new term to the battle arrangements without telling anyone:

No description available.
Check out the new Rule Number 3

This new term adopted by the Templars, only after RFCP had scheduled a battle, would have been an automatic loophole win for TCP in the war; seeing that RFCP had scheduled a battle and thus, broke the laughable new term. Sadly, for the Templars, CPAH did not honor their ridiculous new term and the battle went underway without the presence of the timid Templars.

Don’t worry, TCP, we made sure there was a little yellow on the battlefield for you
No description available.
E1-E2 alt – shoutout to LEGOMAN
RFCP surrounds Legoman for a few tactics

Thanks for the easy win, TCP!

Battle 5:

3 OCTOBER 2020 – 08:00 pm EDT

In an interesting turn of events, after yet another display of dishonesty and cheating by TCP, RFCP won the fifth battle of the Outsiders War without even having to battle!

No description available.

Yes, you read that right, Templars leaders neglected to give rooms to RFCP. Therefore, the battle was declared a RFCP victory.

No description available.
No description available.

The Templars even attempted to lie to Cobra and say that coolj had them all “blocked.” Fact check–coolj shares a server with them, did not block any of them, and even asked for rooms two minutes beforehand.

We are sure Templars leaders will once again lead their soldiers into a false sense of security by claiming RFCP are cowards, and claim that we are losing the war. However, unlike TCP, we have the facts and screenshots on our side. As you can see, the actual battle results have led RFCP to a 4-1-0 lead in the Outsiders War.

After the Templars’ embarrassing display at last evening’s battle (that apparently even LuckyLuigi was too ashamed to bother attending), RFCP decided to celebrate by having a nice laugh at the expense of TCP with varying memes:

Credits to Cena
No description available.
Credits to PAPERBACK Adia
No description available.
No description available.
Credits to MicroHamster
CreditS to Sillabye, who hails from Canada
Credits to Ariel Aries
Credits to JustinTFC
Credits to Shy Guy
Credits to DJChorusKid

GG, RFCP victory. You mad?

Stay mad.