The 8th Semiannual Feddie Awards

NORTHERN LIGHT, UKAHALA–The army’s most fanciful occasion brought with it some unforgettable surprises…including a boy band.

On January 29, 2023, at 4:00 p.m. Eastern time, the Recon Federation of Club Penguin (RFCP) hosted its 8th semiannual Feddie Awards, commonly known as “The Feddies.”

While there were no “FEDDIEGATES” to make note of (feddiegate = award show scandal, for those who don’t know), voting had been underway the entire week leading up, on a highly professional ballot.

Then, at last, the day itself was upon us!

A total of 14 soldiers participated–4 on Discord and 10 on Ukahala. Those attending in-penguin walked the red carpet while Col. Voidwalker acted as paparazzi, snapping photos and asking questions of the arrivals. For our fashion-inclined readers, take a gander at the glamorous attire of the guests.

The venue, constructed by Commissar HamsterloverL, was spectacular– a modern remake of the igloo of the army’s very first Feddies.

Before the proceedings began, Commander Prior Bumble, the master of ceremonies, invited Conquistador Don and Capt. D0le to join him behind the curtain. The audience waited in anticipation, unsure of what would happen next.

That’s when the trio emerged from the curtain wielding instruments–or, for D0le, just a microphone for rapping.

They were, ladies and gentlemen, the acclaimed boy band sensation, BOYZ 2 BOYZ.

As evident from the Polaroids above, the paparazzi covered their opening performance well–while the attendees whistled and went wild in the audience. Red Baron Exsavitator shouted, “TAKE MY MONEY NOW.” It was pretty fucking lit.

Then it was time to start passing out the awards. Cmdr. Prior began with the voted-upon soldier awards. A full list of winners will be posted at the end of this blog, but one notable event during this section of the evening was the unexpected presentation of a Glass Bullet medal to Voidwalker.

When these feddies had all been distributed, Cmdr. Prior broke up the segments with yet more entertainment–this time harkening to the same entertainment offered at the first ever Feddies:

A Prior Bumble roast.

For this, Prior comically changed outfits into a full suit of armor with a goalie helmet!

At first, when he welcomed roasters to come forward, there were crickets. The soldiers love their Commander. But as the moments wore on…a line indeed formed! In fact…some got into line twice.

The theme of the night?

Prior’s ancient age, of course.

Back in the server, the Honorably Retired coolj had the zinger of all zingers…

After this, the server awards were announced.

No one was surprised that this super old sticker won “by a landslide.”

Before getting to the final “Big 5” feddies, however, the demands for a Boyz 2 Boyz (or B2B) encore grew too insistent. The heartthrob boy band mounted the stage once more to uncontrollable hollering. This time, they called up one lucky fan—Exsavitator–to be serenaded on stage. Prior took the lead vocals this time, and sang to the Red Baron a song called “Sky so Blue,” accompanied by some absolutely sauce harmonizing from D0le. The rhymes were so fucking sweet we can’t even describe them.

At the end, Prior dove into the audience and crowd-surfed.

Then, it was finally time for the biggest and most-anticipated feddies of the evening: Reconnaissance, Innovation, Warrior, CollinZfresh Peace Prize, and RFCP Legend. This season, the Big 5 feddies were chosen by Prior alone. They are the only feddies which appear permanently on the website and have existed since the dawn of feddying.

See the results in our winner list–but we are thrilled to announce that the RFCP Legend selected was the Red Baron, Exsavitator. In his preluding speech, Prior Bumble noted how this Legend selection was historic for the army in two groundbreaking ways:

First, Exsavitator is the first Legend to come from a different Global Division–Air Force.

Second, he is the first Legend who enlisted AFTER the Recon Federation’s final departure from Club Penguin Armies (CPA).

“He represents how strong RFCP still is,” said the Commander.

The blog would like to thank all who made putting on this incredible event possible, and congratulate all the winners, nominees, and participants who are our victors day in and day out.

“It was truly one of the best Feddies we’ve ever had,” the Commander said. “Probably second only to our first Feddies. No hiccups. Everyone genuinely had an outstanding time.”

We’ll see you in August for the next Feddies….and we hear some B2B merch will be dropping soon.

Please be on the lookout for the video recording of the Feddies, soon to be published on the RFCP YouTube.

Erat ipso sacra.

Soldier Awards

  1. Patriotic Trooper: This soldier has shown the most pride and is unapologetically proud to be an RFCP soldier. Erat Ipso Sacra!
    Den Fox Killua
  2. Monday Memer Award: This soldier has the dankest memes in the entire server!
    Uncle Rahmat
  3. Sunshine Award: This soldier is like a sunray to the entire community, who brightens everyone’s day!
    Yall Hoes (Elizabeth)
  4. Golden Paintbrush: The most artistic soldier
  5. Officer of the Year Award: The officer who has left their mark most on the army, whether this is through diplomacy, initiative, event planning, or anything that has greatly improved the army!

Server Awards:

  1. Golden Pen: Best Blog
    Open Letter to LGA
  2. Emojilicious Award: The server emoji that is everyone’s favorite! SELECT UP TO 3!!!
    :1salute: salute
    :hehe: hehe
    :2giggle: micros penguin giggle
  3. Saavy Sticker Award: To the server favorite sticker!
    fuck i did it again (won by a landslide lol)
  4. Favorite channel: This award can go towards ANY non-paid channel in the entire server! Vote for your favorite channel to chat in! SELECT 2!!!!
    #general-chat (70%) and #prior-gives-up (30%)

Big 5 Awards:

  1. Reconnaissance
  2. Innovation
    Microwaveable Hamster
  3. Warrior
  4. CollinZfresh Peace Prize
  5. RFCP Legend

What do YOU think was the most memorable moment of the Feddies? Let us know in the comments!

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