Soldiers React to Price Increase for Nitro in RFCP

NORTHERN LIGHTS, UKAHALA–The army’s most popular digital store item increased by $200 BB. The soldiers react.

By far, the most popular digital item in the Recon Federation of Club Penguin (RFCP) store is Nitro. But on January 25, 2023, Commander Prior Bumble announced a price increase for both Nitro products: Nitro Basic and Nitro Boosting would both increase by $200 BB.

The Commander’s slightly flustered tone suggests the decision was made after an influx of orders for Nitro–which, of course, he pays for with his own real life dollars.

Now, soldiers will have to fork over $800 BB for Nitro Basic (which had been listed at $600 BB) and $1,400 BB for Nitro Boosting (which had been selling for $1,200 BB). Interestingly, this means the two versions of Nitro are no longer exactly double the cost. But it’s still a hefty additional sum of cash.

Is this decision as simple as Economics 101, as Bhagavan claims, or is the new price tag unjust?

The blog surveyed our soldiers, asking a handful of them the following question:

What do you think about the recent price increase for Nitro Basic (from $600 BB to $800 BB) and Nitro Boosting (from $1,200 BB to $1,400 BB)?

imo I don’t think it’s bad. due to the increase of agents recently there has been an increased demand for nitro. It’s only natural that the prices would increase due to that increase in demand. Besides Prior’s wallet has a bigger chance of surviving all of this now.

Red Baron Exsavitator

I think that it’s still manageable, but still kind of annoying. Back in my day, nitro was barely affordable at all, but when it was made to be 1200 bbs, you could afford it in just 20 days of patrolling. Even now that it’s at 23 days of 3 patrols instead of 20, you still have enough time in the month to afford it before it runs out. ……I don’t think there’s an RFCP union but if the price goes up.. uh.. you all know where to find me 😉 [this is a joke don’t hit the demote to agent button]

Colonel Randomplayer10

I not upset or mad about the change, I believe it adds more value to it when someone does get to achieve it. I think it was a needed change as it became a more popular item to obtain, and the price didnt reflect the demand

Field Marshal DJchoruskid

Price increases are good, when you have a reason for them- I don’t understand how they’re a bad thing soooo……. (p.s. i don’t usually care about prices, sorry if i sounded weird TT)

Corporal Fleiro

i think boosting nitro should from$1,200bb to $900bb. i think how it is right now is a lot.

Ice Agent yall hoes

Well for me that seems great because these prices are very achievable and that 200$ difference is only 10 patrols so o think this is fine

Agent Anti

Reactions from the soldiers were indeed mixed. Most supported the logic behind the price increase, but some still felt it was too high.

Of course, this is not the first time Nitro has changed prices. All items in the RFCP store are subject to repricing, but Nitro is particularly famous for price-jumping to as much as $2,400 BB for Nitro Basic and $4,800 for Nitro Boosting when Cmdr. Prior was retired and the other officers had to pay for it.

So the January 2023 price change could in fact be considered a mild one.

“I would advise soldiers to expect the price to change yet again if the market value dictates that,” the Commander added.

What’s more is that few remember that, technically, the Bumble Buck economy stipulates that stock market crashes may arise at any time and reduce bank balances by a percentage or even down to $0. To this day, however, the stock market has never crashed–and it is unknown whether the Commander actually rolls the dice on that on a regular basis, as was originally the policy, or if he has just been merciful.

So, before grabbing those picket signs, remember to respect the almighty rules of supply and demand!

As demand goes up (travel up the red line diagonally), you can see the price on the Y axis is rising, and the supply (the blue line) is down down diagonally.

RFCP economics is no different–are you convinced?

What do YOU think about the price increase? Should it go even higher? Much lower? Why? And will the increase prevent YOU from buying Nitro? Let us know in the comments!

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