RFCP Rings in the New Year!

NORTHERN LIGHTS UKAHALA–2023, watch out for RFCP! RFCP prepares to celebrate the beginning of a new year, with lots of fun happening in the span of a day!

The Recon Federation of Club Penguin (RFCP) wishes all a Happy New Year for 2023!

The fun began soon after midnight on December 31st, 2022, with Commissar HamsterloverL announcing she had revolutionized the previously-cluttered bank balance spreadsheet!  Originally, soldiers would have to rifle through a list of 100+ unorganized accounts to find their bank balance, but not anymore!  Ham learned how to alphabetize a spreadsheet by alphabetically listing each soldier’s name in a sheet, with each name containing a link to their personal bank account! (We can confirm that Ham does indeed know her ABCs.)  

All that soldiers need to do to access their balance is to go to the list of all accounts (we know our dear Commissar loves her LISTS!) and click on their name, which is hyperlinked in blue!  Happy banking to all!

Then, later in the day, a ping, (as always cough cough (revive chat) cough cough) from Field Marshal Djchoruskid came with a very encouraging message for the new year:

The Commander and Commissar followed in wishing the army a Happy New Year, along with several other soldiers who wrote heartwarming messages on how thankful they are to be in RFCP this year and all the years!

The army rang in the new year together, as the clock struck midnight in Eastern Standard Time (otherwise known as RFCP Standard Time!) and we celebrated together!

Even shortly after midnight, more fun new came in–the first policy change of the new year, calling for the use of military time in patrol reports! This change will allow soldiers to use their personal time zones when reporting in, negating the previous requirement to convert your time to Eastern Time, the main time of the RFCP. So head on over to that channel and the Warden will help you learn to patrol! How about making your New Year’s resolution to patrol more, and make some Bumble Bucks?

[An unsurprising suggestion….see who wrote this post below ;)]

What is YOUR RFCP New Year’s Resolution? Let us know in the comments below!


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