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Holly Jolly Holidays at RFCP

NORTHERN LIGHTS, UKAHALA–The army enjoyed a wonderful December filled with celebration. Read on to review the highlights!

The Recon Federation of Club Penguin (RFCP) made the most of this holiday season. On December 16, a total of 6 soldiers cozied up to watch The Polar Express (2004) together.

Most excitingly, the army also put on its famous play, A Very RFCP Christmas, for the first time since 2019! It’s the story of two extremely white people who fall in love. Check out that gorgeous stage venue.

Opening night was Tuesday, December 20 and the matinee was Thursday, December 22. Maxes averaged 7. If you missed the play, you can watch it on our YouTube channel here!

As per tradition, Commander Prior Bumble gave his annual Christmas Address in the #commander-broadcast channel. Everyone tuned in as he shared a heartwarming story from real life which encouraged the soldiers to keep studying miracles even when things seem dark and not very joyous. He later announced the promotion of now-Field Marshal DJchoruskid.

At Prior Claus’ igloo later that night, five members of the family had a meaningful gathering surrounded by both Christmas decorations and a sacred homage to nature. The army is proud to host these events on the day of the actual holiday to reinforce how real and not second-class this family is.

As the night wore on, soldiers masqueraded as trees, and one of them even gave birth to Col. Randomplayer10, which was, admittedly, alarming.

A kiwi loaf was attempted. Repeat, ATTEMPTED.

The day after Christmas, December 26, the army had the chance to sit on Prior Claus’ lap and complain about things they didn’t get (lol). That was a hoot.

Finally, several of RFCP’s divisions made season’s greetings cards.

And, the new field marshal felt prompted to partake as well!

The Recon Federation wishes everyone a bright, safe, and jubilant holiday season and happy new year.

What was YOUR favorite holiday event? Let us know in the comments!

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