BREAKING! RFCP Releases New Bumble Buck following “Cyber Monday” Success

NOTHERN LIGHTS, UKAHALA–A brand-new store and an electrifying 25% off everything sale for “Cyber Monday” created an economic boom. To top it off, there’s a new bill in town….

At the close of the Recon Federation of Club Penguin (RFCP)’s “Cyber Monday” sale on Monday, November 28, the Commander had one last surprise.

Revealed for the first time ever right here at the blog, the army is proud to unveil the $30 Bumble Buck!

Shield your eyes from its radiant beauty!

This stunning new bill was designed by Commander Prior Bumble, with some suggestions by Commissar HamsterloverL. It features the first female ever on any Bumble Buck–the Honorably Retired Commissar Redbackwards.

As with all Bumble Bucks, this bill includes the Commander’s signature, the army motto, the army founding date, and the “TREASURY OF THE RECON FEDERATION OF CLUB PENGUIN” stamp. It also, like all bills, is full of Easter Eggs.

Can you decode all of the Easter Eggs on this bill? There are 3.

We have submitted the bill to the beloved former Commissar for her comments and will update with any news! We hope it pleases her to see her legacy go on this way.

This exciting announcement follows the riveting success of RFCP’s Cyber Monday sale, which is a worldwide occasion of holiday shopping the Monday after Thanksgiving–one which got its name presuming people are back at their work desks, sneaking in digital thrifting for gifts for loved ones while their bosses aren’t looking (kinda like what Gen. Microwaveable Hamster does but with RFCP ;)).

For the army, though, Cyber Monday meant 25% off everything in the store, with previously held coupons honored and stackable.

Oh, and did we mention the new #rfcp-store???

Produced by Gen. Microham and the brainchild of Prior Bumble, this renovated channel was unveiled on Cyber Monday as well, and boasted fully customized and artistically designed catalogue pages reminiscent of the “Penguin Style” catalogue from the original Club Penguin.

….and so on! There are 30 pages total, or 15 spreads, including some new items like the RFCP tote bag with the 2022 meme “the forest is cursed” and even some new digital jewelry–rings that come with Discord roles and can be gifted, unlike other store items.

Even regardless of the Cyber Monday sale, most prices were revised and slashed after several months of inflation in the RFCP economy–prices had nearly doubled since Prior Bumble’s absence, and transactions in the store became almost nonexistent.

Evidence that Prior Bumble is, among everything else, also the best candidate for the economy?

By the time the sale ended at midnight, orders for 3 Nitros, 1 mug, 1 flag, 2 pins, and over 20 digital prizes were placed. Bank accounts are finally seeing healthy withdraws, revitalizing the incentive to get back in the hustle and earn more Bumble Bucks.

And who, we wonder, will be the first to earn the $30?

What do YOU think of the new store and the new bill? Let us know in the comments!

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