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Stars and Leaves: New Ranking Policies for 3ic and 6ic

NORTHERN LIGHTS, UKAHALA–The Commander announces brand new changes to the ranking structure. 

By authority of Prior Bumble, effective immediately, the ranks of General, Admiral, Red Baron, Conquistador and Major shall now have tiered hierarchies according to merit (not seniority). 

This meritocratic hierarchy shall take the form of stars and oak leaves. 

Generals, Admirals, Red Barons, and Conquistadors shall now be ranked from 1-5 stars. 5 stars is only achievable through warfare. 

Majors shall be ranked from 1-3 oak leaves. 

Stars and leaves shall be a role under the rank. Verbally, soldiers with any number of leaves or stars will still only be addressed as “Major Smith” or “General Jones.” However, written descriptions of these persons may now be specified such as, “the three-star General Jones” or “Smith is a three-leaf Major in the RFCP.” 

Stars are never put as credentials after the name–this is reserved for medals (such as M.M., M.H., etc.).

While leaves and stars are less noticeable than an entire rank promotion, the Commander will pay close attention to them when considering promotion or assignments in the army. While it is not required to be a three-leaf Major before being promoted to Field Marshal, it will likely become more commonly the case. 

To begin on a fair note, all current Majors and all current Generals, Admirals, Red Barons, and Conquistadors will begin with no leaf or star, respectively. Awarding of a leaf or star is announced in #news as a promotion would be. 

The purpose of leaves and stars is to encourage continued advancement for soldiers in the “stuck” ranks. Majors often feel stuck when the Commander is not inclined to fill Officer slots. Generals, Admirals, Red Barons, and Conquistadors are stuck when the Commander and Commissar are secure in their positions. In the American military, it is standard to have hierarchies of generals, such as brigadier general = 1 star, lieutenant general = 2 star, etc. Our army will do it a little differently, as the rank of General itself will not change in name as stars progress. 

Majors with more leaves have authority over majors with less leaves in times of crisis. Generals, Admirals, Red Barons, and Conquistadors with more stars have more authority over with Generals, Admirals, Red Barons, and Conquistadors with less stars in times of crisis. During normal operations, when the Commander and Commissar are securely in the helm, no authority distinction in the server or in terms of power should be made. Majors are still always 6ic of the army and Generals, Admirals, Red Barons, and Conquistadors are always 3ic of the army. 

For questions, please contact the Commander. 

Erat ipso sacra. 

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