A New Uncle for RFCP

NORTHERN LIGHTS, UKAHALA–Royal Mist (alias Chainpro) is the newest Uncle of the RFCP! Read on to hear about this old, special tradition and see what Uncle Mist had to say in an exclusive interview!

Over and over, it’s been said that the Recon Federation of Club Penguin (RFCP) is a family. It’s also been well established that the army holds profoundly unique traditions that give us our unparalleled character. One of those traditions is the acceptance of “Uncles” in the army. Commander Prior Bumble recently reminded his soldiers just what the role “Uncle” is to us:

“Well,” wrote Prior, “if I am your father, what would your Uncle be? My brother. Once again, RFCP has a cultural tradition no other army has. We have a role of honor–Uncle–for those who are brother of your Commander Prior. Historically, the idea of RFCP Uncles are decently known to the army world (as in, a handful of outsiders would probably know what it means to say ‘He is an Uncle of RFCP’). Uncles are our way of telling you, the soldier, and them, the Uncle, that they are more than an ally. They’re part of our extended family. They are NOT Advisors and have no influence on hicom affairs. However, Uncles are indeed NOT enlisted, and they are often prominent figures from the CPA community (setting them apart from, say, an LGA soldier holding the @Ally role. Notice they’re both in the blue role category though).”

The longest-standing Uncle in the server is Uncle Cena, whom Prior trusts with his life. Cena is a fellow CANC member with Royal Mist (aka, Chainpro), who is 1ic of the Lime Green Army (LGA). In fact, Cena vouched for Mist before Prior extended the special invitation on July 31, 2022. Mist and Prior had rekindled a friendship in DMs during the previous weeks.

In order to become an Uncle, the candidate must answer the following two questions for all of the army to see:

1) Do you believe RFCP is a good army and Prior Bumble is a good man?

2) Will you defend us from haters?

On August 7, 2022, in #general-chat, Royal Mist answered:

…And he became Uncle Mist!

It has been a joy to have a second Uncle in the server. To maximize the love and kinship of this new relationship, RFCP soldiers have been reminded to address Mist and Cena as “Uncle Mist” and “Uncle Cena,” respectively, similar to the respect expected of them when addressing Cmdr. Prior by rank.

Mist has quite the collection of past armies! He started his journey with Club Penguin Armies in 2013 as a private in the Dark Warriors (DW), but soon joined the Golds. This was followed by service in the Army of Club Penguin (ACP) and later the Light Troops (LT). He was 3ic in DW, 1ic of the Golds, and 2ic of LT. He was in the hicom of the Rebel Penguin Federation (RPF) as well. Royal Mist founded the Red Rebellion (RR) in July of 2019 (roughly one month after RFCP was born!). Now he is the co-leader of LGA alongside Krosive.

But we like to think his favorite past army is RFCP–where he was a General, 3ic, during the Peninsula Wars and the Whack-A-Mole War.

What does Uncle Mist say in his own words about joining the family? Gen. Microwaveable Hamster sat down for an interview. Read on below!

Q: How are you feeling right now? Being an “Uncle” in RFCP is a pretty major thing!

A: Pretty sweet! It is indeed a big deal, and I am happy that RFCP entrusted me with such a position.

Q: How did you come to be in this position? LGA and RFCP [and Prior and Mist, on-and-off] have a history of being pretty steady rivals. What changed?

A: Well, LGA and RFCP had quite a rivalry, if I would say so myself. I wasn’t in LGA when [RFCP and LGA] decided to end this rivalry and work together as allies. Before summer, LGA were opening and shutting down very frequently. They were struggling. I talked with Greeny [Trev] and decided to help him get LGA off its feet and have one last generation. We overall had a really great run so far! As well as we had worked together, I’m afraid that chapter has ended rather abruptly as he decided to leave his creation to join SWAT. Currently, I stand as the sole leader of the LGA.

Most of the CPA community are not very understanding of this concept of love, trust, and forgiveness. I won’t name any names, but there are some filthy people out there that spend their free time doxing and hurting others…which is uncool. Prior Bumble and I share similar viewpoints on this community’s current dilemma, and unfortunately the ones who are trying to bring positivity into the community are shunned for it. 

Prior Bumble gave me an offer that I had accepted—to be an “Uncle” of RFCP and participate in the RFCP server! I am excited to be part of this server and get to know this loving family.

Q: RFCP IS very family oriented, as the term “Uncle” shows! How does it feel to be called “Uncle Mist”?

A: Well, I will say it’s different–I never would have thought I’d be called an Uncle so early in my life. It does make me feel part of a family, though!

Q: Did you ever think you’d ever be in a position where you would have Prior Bumble as a brother?

A: No, absolutely not. Although we did possess brother-like attitudes towards each other. There would be times where we’d be upset with each other, and times where we’d be laughing our socks off together. In the end though, it is the mutual respect and care for each other that caused this to happen.

Q: Based off the activity in the server, everyone in RFCP seems to love and respect you as well! Do you have anything you’d like to say to RFCP, or the CPA community?

A: To LGA and RFCP: You are all wonderful humans. Remind yourselves to choose love over hate. And to those of you who don’t know me that well, my DMs are open!

Wise words from our newest Uncle! Make sure you give him (and Uncle Cena) a big hug when you see them in the RFCP server.

What do YOU think of RFCP’s tradition of having Uncles? Let us know the in comments!

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