Weird RFCP Memes You Didn’t Know Existed!

NORTHERN LIGHTS, UKAHALA—We all know and love the classic memes of RFCP, but what about the hilarious lesser-known gems in our history? Read on for 5 bizarre and hysterical RFCP moments you probably missed!

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An archive is a huge database every server has; it is essentially a record of every message ever sent at any point by any person in any channel. In a server that has been going for almost two years, such as with the Recon Federation of Club Penguin (RFCP), we have lots of deeply buried hidden gems from the past!

There are many ways to travel through the backlog, like scrolling upwards or checking pinned messages, but the most practical method to search for something specific is using the magnifying glass icon. The engine will search the entire server and give you back messages that fit under the categories that you selected. It’s a useful tool for the purposes of researching, entertainment, or archiving.

But today it’s all about entertainment! I decided to have some fun with this algorithm to see what jokes have been hidden in our server, what odd things have been said long ago, and what bad memes make up the most niche area of RFCP trivia. Here are my 5 favorites! 

1. Hunger Games Simulator Shenanigans

[EDITOR’S NOTE: As you know, Arne is VERY biased towards his beloved simulator, and it is not very hidden….We let it slide. Keep reading; we promise he diversifies later!]

First up is my cool channel, #hunger-games-simulator. Ever since its October 23rd grand opening, there have been 30 simulations hosted in it, as of the time I’m writing this. A fun hidden fact is that Major Djchoruskid is actually who bought the channel initially at my request, during a half-off sale in the RFCP store. Here we have my favorite simulation hijinks:

2. Club Penguin in Real Life

This next hidden gem comes from #war-memes. Granted, I should’ve gone with a less niche channel, but come on, war propaganda is funny. I found tons and tons of memes in that channel that were anything but war related, as I uncovered that this used to be a normal meme channel. It was merged with #gallery-and-media, and it then got reutilized into #war-memes. Now, it is one of our channels which circulates (like the #feddies channel) and only appears when we are at war.

The highlight I found is a hilarious reinterpretation of Club Penguin as it would look in real life. This is what peak cursed comedy looks like, people. And I’m here for it.

Meme by a now-retired Shock Troops ally, Cadence

3. Opino’s Cheesecake

Okay, okay, I lied. #general-chat has peak cursed comedy. Red Baron Opino3 and everyone online just went insane during quarantine on July 29, 2020, sharing all sorts of cursed pictures and nonsensical memes and comments. Some of you may have seen his pinned “cheesecake” image, but if you haven’t, now you have! There was a really tough competition for which joke would take the cake, but the biggest impression and funniest pun is just a huge home run:


4. Funny Testimonies

Now, a channel that should be taken more seriously is #rfcp-testimonies, and it is… mainly. Sure, you get really heartfelt messages from time to time; there’s almost 700 of those. However, there are also some sarcastic soldiers expressing their love for RFCP in some weird ways–from me stating that “RFCP is fun hell,” to this hilariously misspelled review by Captain Crackers:

5. We Don’t Even Know What this is From #Gallery-And-Media

#gallery-and-media has been here from the beginning, and with 77,000 messages sent, 11,000 images, 1,000 videos, and 200 Commander Prior Bumble pings, it holds one big archive. However, from all these images and memes, this cursed He-Man/Pokémon crossover meme from all the way back in November of 2019 stood out the most:

There are, of course, hundreds (if not thousands) more I could share with you! After almost two years of activity, the RFCP has certainly gotten a large collection of its own memes. But did you know these hidden gems existed? Now you do!

What do YOU think about these RFCP memories? Leave us your favorite archived moment in the comments below!

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