Sunday Fun-Day: Season 1, Volume 9

NORTHERN LIGHTS, UKAHALA–The RFCP Times-Dispatch presents the 9th installment of their weekly newspaper. Read on for all the fun puzzles and updates!

Weekly Recap

The Recon Federation of Club Penguin (RFCP) had a fun week of honoring national days! On Monday, they had a blast playing Minecraft together. Wednesday was National Gardening day, so 7 of the soldiers logged on to Gen. MicroHam’s igloo and planted flowers together. Thursday, the RFCP once again logged on to Gen. MicroHam’s igloo in honor of National Titanic Remembrance Day, the day the ship sunk. True to accuracy, the number of lifeboats was kept to a minimum, and 5 people went down with the ship (igloo) together. Friday was National Bean Counter day, so the soldiers of the RFCP met up in the Coffee Shop on Club Penguin for a Bean Counter game competition. The event maxed 8, and everyone had an amazing time!

“Okay.” — Coolj

Puzzles and Riddles

Click to enlarge all.

Sudoku! Make each square, row, and column have only one of each number!
Fill in each space with a word of your choice! keep it PG-13 and have fun!
Word search! Find the Club Penguin games in the word search above!

Ask Hamster!

For this week’s interview, I sat down with Commissar Hamster and got answers to some of your most-asked questions! Edited only for grammar.

Q: What’s it like being Commissar? Is it something you’ve wanted since you joined RFCP?

A: To be honest, it’s pretty surreal to be second-in-command to the RFCP! I never would have thought that when I first joined in July of 2019 that I would have gotten this far. In fact, when I first joined, I had no idea what armies were and was only planning on staying a few days just to see what it was like haha! Obviously that wasn’t the case, since I have been in this amazing army for over a year and a half now! I’ve met so many incredible people here who I count as family. It is incredible to be in the same position of leadership that Prior Bumble himself once was at [in the PRA]. It is a lot of responsibility to be the next in charge after the Commander himself, but it is a rewarding position as well. As Commissar, I often have to make split decisions for the betterment of the army, and it is incredible to be able to have the opportunity to put my own judgement into place for improving and sustaining RFCP. Since I have seen everything in the army from the War of Smoke and Sour until now, I often have to use those past experiences to think about what would be best for RFCP, which can sometimes be a bit stressful. But I’m extremely thankful for the rest of hicom who are always there to help me through anything. I love you guys and couldn’t do it without you!!!!!

Q: What’s with the lists? (For those who don’t know, Commissar Hamster is known for making extensive checklists and has even been awarded a medal for them by Field Marshal Randomplayer10)

A: Anyone in the army would know I take my RFCP duties very seriously to say the least! In the past, when Prior was [active] Commander, he would delegate orders to everyone, and we would all follow his authority. I don’t think a hamster yelling (or in my case squeaking!) to everyone in the command room would work very efficiently, so instead I utilize lists! For me, breaking duties down into organized bullet points helps simplify matters and ensures that I know exactly what needs to be done. I may not be as charismatic as Commander Prior, but lists are my own Hamsterean way of delegating orders in an organized and efficient way to the Command Room!

Thank you to our wonderful and noble Commissar!

Meme of the Week

Seriously, Club Penguin Rewritten, when can we have our puffles back?!

Have an amazing week everyone! Remember we have an event planning meeting tonight at 8 PM EST. Make sure you attend, so the officers know what events you’d like to do in the coming weeks.

Leave us a comment below and let us know what YOU want to see in future editions of the paper!


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