Sunday Fun-Day: Volume 1, Issue 10

NORTHERN LIGHTS, UKAHALA—Want to catch up on what happened last week in RFCP? Read on for this week’s installment of Sunday Fun-Day, brought to you for his first time ever by Senior Reporter Arne!

Welcome to Sunday Fun-Day, hosted by Gen. Microwaveable Ham—wait, what? She’s not available? Oh, well. I guess that means that I, Field Marshal Arne, will taking over this week! 

Weekly Recap

The Recon Federation of Club Penguin (RFCP) started out their week by having another fun Minecraft Monday event. Special thanks to Sgt. Bruh/Rose’s multiplayer server! Early Wednesday morning, we had a fun time playing some Find Four with RFCP’s AUSIA division, the Navy. Friday afternoon, we dressed up as cows and paraded across Club Penguin Rewritten. Hopefully it wasn’t the start of another cow takeover!

We love our Navy!

Puzzles and Riddles

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Penguin Crossword Puzzle - WordMint
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1. Why are penguins such good hotel managers?

2. Why couldn’t the penguin catch a break?

Answers revealed after reporter signature

A Very Special Announcement 

Saturday night the RFCP finally got to witness the official unveiling of the officer’s surprise, spearheaded by yours truly. The surprise was the reveal and confirmation of the official RFCP Trading Cards! Officers teased the unveiling a whole week, so it was a relief and a lot of fun to finally get the news out there. There will be two sets, trading cards designed by Field Marshal Randomplayer10, and an action card set designed by me (Arne). Both sets will be seeing both physical and virtual releases very soon (thanks, Commander Prior, for providing the physical option). We will have a more in-depth blog post covering the trading cards soon as there will be an accompanying game with fun rules to go over!

Sneak peek at the official action card set.

A Pokemon Takeover, Yellow Lemons, and Josh Fights Josh?!

A lot happened within the server this week. Lemons took over for a bit, thanks to Gen. MicroHam and Gen. Anilia’s shenanigans. Everyone changed their nicknames, profile pictures, and role colors to yellow on the 17th after the two kept spamming “LEMON” and lemon emojis in the server.

On Wednesday the 21st, to RandomPlayer10’s request, the server got taken over by Pokémon! Roles and nicknames were changed, and we’re actually still stuck in it as of now. Send help.

Lastly, our beloved retired Field Marshal JoshAfter found himself in the middle of a fight for the right to keep his name, as the Joshes of the United States of America had a massive battle in Nebraska. After a years-old meme reached its date, the Joshes battled to see who was the definitive Josh and the one worthy of keeping his name.

A 4 year old kid won in the end, so our poor Joshafter will probably be forced to undergo a name change soon…

Meme of the Week

Thanks for reading this week’s installment of Sunday Fun-Day! There will be a meeting to plan events at 8 PM EST, so make sure to be there!

Senior Reporter

Riddle Answers

1- Because they sure love their Pengu-Inns!

2- Because his flippers were too slippery.

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