Three More RFCP Honored for 1 Year of Service

NORTHERN LIGHTS, UKAHALA–Two more officers and one soldier achieve their 1 Year of Service Medals!

March is a packed month for enlistment anniversaries at the RFCP. On the 5th, we saw Field Marshal Justin receive his 1 Year of Service Medal. Now, we are honoring a whopping 3 more enlisted for their 1 Year of Service in the army this month.

  • March 16th–Brig. Drewls
  • March 20th–Col. Microwaveable Hamster
  • March 27th–Gen. Anilia

Please join us in congratulating, but mostly thanking, these soldiers for their dedication to the RFCP. One year of service in a no-dual-enlistment army is an incredibly unusual and rare accomplishment in CPA.

As our new mission to keep records on all of our soldiers’ enlistment anniversaries progresses, we will get better at honoring these amazing occasions.

And, because so many of our soldiers are earning these medals (and staying in our great army), we have officially, today, commissioned a 2 Year of Service medal!


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