Field Marshal JustinTFC Honored for 1 Year of Service

NORTHERN LIGHTS, UKAHALA–One year is a long time to serve in a Club Penguin army! Check out how RFCP paid tribute to a whole 365 days of service for a special officer.

Ceremony where Prior Bumble pinned the medal on Justin’s jacket

Field Marshal JustinTFC recited the Recon Federation of Club Penguin oath on March 5, 2020, enlisting into the army. Twelve months later, this wonderful soldier had his calendar marked and was counting down until his 1 year anniversary. That’s how special joining RFCP was to him.

It must be noted that remaining in 1 army in this fickle and chaotic community for as long as most RFCP soldiers do is highly unusual, especially because we do not dual enlist. It is nothing short of incredible that most of our soldiers believe in RFCP strongly enough to have such fidelity to it and only it. Marvel at how unique and special that makes us!

Others here have reached their own 1 year anniversaries before Justin, each achieving an amazing and honorable feat. But recently, the army had made an effort to chronicle the “RFCP birthdays,” AKA enlistment anniversaries, for all our soldiers, collecting the data and using a an Excel spreadsheet viewable by hicom.

“We are, as always, an army of recordkeepers,” said Cmdr. Prior, “but these records are even more sacred than the usual ones as they allow us an opportunity to celebrate our soldiers joining the family.”

Therefore, Justin’s ceremony today reflected a trend the army is hoping to set going forward.

At 8:30 p.m. EST, troops gathered at the cove on Ukahala to witness Prior Bumble himself pin the 1 Year Service Medal (designed by Red Baron Opino3) on the jacket of Field Marshal Justin.

A party followed in the igloo of Col. Microwaveable Hamster. There was dancing indeed. Maj. Randomplayer10 (Pingu in-game) changed from his Billy Bot Thorton cosplay into some Nachos reenacting.

And finally, Justin offered a moving speech for all to read in #news.

Respected officers, my dear friends and colleagues, The moment has arrived where I stand in front of you all today to deliver a speech. While I was preparing myself for this day, I had planned several imaginary conversations about my experience, my learning, my relationship with all of you, the time I spent here, etc. But now that the day has come and I stand here in front of you all, I can’t think of any words except for two, i.e. “Thank you.” I cannot tell you how enriching my last year has been here at RFCP. I started my career as an Agent after completing my oath, and boy let me tell you, my profile here was very suspicious, which was not intended lol. Within a few weeks I was promoted to Ice Agent. Prior Bumble, Microham, Anilia, Hamster, Coolj, Sillabye, Etc, Have been a great source of motivation and my biggest support in reaching the point where I am today. There are several other people who have helped shape my career as a successful officer today. I would like to thank all of them and especially Prior Bumble for helping me make sense of myself when I made more than a few stupid mistakes , for motivating me like a real father would when I was disheartened and for everything he has done for me thus far. Apart from giving me an enriching experience and prosperous career, everyone here has given me some real assets in the form of my friends / colleagues who always gave me a tough competition, and an inspiration to succeed. On a lighter note I always worked harder because of them. Thanks for the administration team as well for their great support throughout. I’ve come up with very strange suggestions for “employee” engagement programs, and you have valued and acknowledged my suggestions by arranging for the logistics and helping and materializing those. My entire journey has not only been the most enriching, but also very fun filled. I am definitely going to use my knowledge and utilize what I’ve learned here in my future endeavors.

Field Marshal JustinTFC, RFCP

Congratulations to Justin, and ALL of the 1 Year Service Medal recipients so far! If you have earned this medal previously and would like to be celebrated with a pinning ceremony, please contact us. You deserve it!

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