Troop Interview! The Next Generation: Corporal Stitches

NORTHERN LIGHTS, UKAHALA—Want to learn more about one of our newest and most active recruits? Read on for an exclusive interview with Corporal Stitches!

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away…

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…a little user named Stitches joined RFCP!

Okay, maybe it wasn’t that long ago. Stitches joined the Recon Federation of Club Penguin on January 23rd, 2021, and we’re still in the Milky Way as far as I know.

Corporal Stitches has been one of our dearest new recruits, and in just one month she has made one heck of an impact. So, in The Next Generation fashion, going into our second interview of the series, here’s a brief summary:

Stitches arrived right after a fun Feddie Awards night. Her signature Ahsoka Tano profile picture and her kind personality earned her affection from all soldiers. Soon, she would start doing constant patrols as well. A promotion to Ice Agent would follow suit, and soon after, a promotion to Corporal. She has fit right in with everyone in the RFCP family, and is loved dearly by all.

In her short time of being in RFCP, Stitches has already been awarded: a Medal of Decency, the Soldier of the Week Award, became Prior’s Multilog (boosted the main server–it’s a joke, we never multilog), has gotten two dozen patrols done, and was the hero of the match for Team Erat Ipso Sacra in the Olympics.

Now that you all know about Stitches’ journey thus far in the RFCP, we have an interview to get to know Stitches on an even more personal level!

Arne (A): Hey Stitches!

Stitches (S): Hey Arne!

A: How are you doing?

S: I’m doing good! How are you doing?

A: I’m doing well, thanks for asking. How has your time in RFCP been so far?

S: I have enjoyed being here so much. This group is filled with some pretty awesome people and I love going to all the events!

A: What has your favorite thing been?

S: I think the events are pretty fun, but honestly my favorite thing is chatting and getting to know everyone in the server.

A: What’s your favorite channel?

S: #pg13-memes.

A: Favorite soldier?

S: I don’t have a favorite soldier; I think everyone is amazing!

A: Awww. Any favorite color?

S: Purple!

A: What is your favorite food?

S: Any kind of pasta.

A: Favorite movie?

S: The Nightmare Before Christmas!

A: Any favorite blog?

S: I really enjoyed the Sunday Fun-day.

A: What do you wanna see more of?

S: Maybe we’ll go up against an army in battle in the future. It would be my first time doing that!

A: I hope that happens soon, heh. Anyways hope you have a good day and a wonderful career!

S: Thanks, Arne!

Stitches is a wonderful soldier, and a wonderful person. I have high hopes for her to go far in her RFCP career. Maybe one day she’ll be an officer herself!

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