Historic Practice Battle with ACP

NORTHERN LIGHTS, UKAHALA–It’s true! RFCP and ACP put their past behind them and move forward with a friendly and action-packed practice battle.

Credit to ACP for this awesome graphic!

At 2:00 p.m. EST, the Recon Federation of Club Penguin (RFCP) and the Army of Club Penguin (ACP) flooded onto Club Penguin Rewritten (CPR), server Ascent, to collide in an historic practice battle. Full of action and homages to these two armies’ rich past, the battle saw 15 RFCP and 40+ ACP in attendance. ACP’s UK division, led by Max, represented the clover warriors, while Cmdr. Coolj and Commissar HamsterloverL led the Recon Federation in this dispute.

The pregame room was the Beach. Unfortunately, extreme levels of lag interfered with our ability to perform optimally:

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This, combined with the general disarray of mismatching CPR uniforms and intruding passerby, makes detailed recounting of this battle challenging. Nevertheless, read on for an exciting report!


By far the most hectic and disorganized room for both sides! Is CPR really meant for this?

The Docks hosted a mess of green penguins and glitching purple contenders. ACP deployed several formations, including an underscored V, an I, and an A shape. RFCP executed a surround and an \ formation, but mostly countered with agility and attrition to make up for their inferior size. Cmdr. Coolj ordered both a waterfall and a blender attack on the ACP warriors. ACP responded with colorful zigzag charges. “CHAOS WORE PURPLE BETTER” cried ACP, to which RFCP responded, “Where is Chaos now???”, indicating RFCP is still alive while Chaos isn’t. Both armies agreed r.i.p. Chaos.


RFCP bursts with E+M over the adversaries.

The lighthouse featured most of the RFCP/ACP historical puns. ACP refers to this battle as the “Battle of No Return” (although we don’t know why, because we hope they will be returning for more fun, honestly!) and chanted the name in this room. Friendly (thank you!) references to Prior Bumble, who was not in attendance, were also made, as seen above, and included the beloved “I’M SPEECHLESS BY THAT RULING HAVE A GOOD NIGHT” relic. Cmdr. Coolj expressed the goodwill of our army with the tactic “CHILLING WITH OUR CLOVER HOMIES.” The ruthless lag overcame him, though, and he temporarily tossed command to Commissar Hamster, who ordered a + formation to contest ACP’s taking of the high ground.


RFCP holding strong with an X on the Berg

RFCP E+9 bombed the final room as ACP scrambled to take a surround formation, spitting out E+G. The Recon Federation continued to stake its hold in the center. Big word bubbles were utilized by both sides. ACP’s tactic game leaned heavily on clover patriotism in this room as opposed to aggression. Cordial GG’s closed the event.


A fun and busy event! RFCP is particularly grateful to ACP for reaching out and scheduling this practice battle. We acknowledge that it is a brave thing to do to put past differences aside and extend a hand to one of the community’s most unfairly stigmatized armies. We honor and thank you and hope this bodes well for a positive future between the two of us.

To our soldiers who fought, good work! Erat ipso sacra.

What did YOU think of the battle? What battle memory was YOUR favorite? Do YOU hope to practice battle with ACP again in the future? Let us know in the comments!

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