COVID-19: One Year Later, How Has It Changed Our Army?

NORTHERN LIGHTS, UKAHALA–One year ago around this time, the world fell into an unprecedented pandemic. Colonel Shy Guy decided to review how the coronavirus has affected RFCP.

Coronavirus Information and FAQs

The Basic Facts

On March 13th, 2020, President Donald J. Trump declared a national emergency because of the coronavirus pandemic. The pandemic started in December of 2019 after an outbreak of the virus appeared in Wuhan, China

Currently, the United States, where most of our soldiers hail from, has the most COVID cases in the world, with California experiencing the greatest number of cases. There were 2 new variants of the virus during 2020, which made it much more difficult to eliminate it once and for all. Fortunately, vaccines are currently being pumped out, as 21% of Americans already have received one dose of the vaccine while around 10% have received both doses–Prior Bumble, who is an essential worker, is included in that 10%!

“Many of my dear soldiers are probably too young to be getting the vaccine,” said Prior, “but to those awaiting theirs, I tell you to be not afraid.”

How RFCP Responded

So what did RFCP do during this time of crisis? Fortunately, RFCP is an online gaming community, so we were able to still conduct business as usual using Discord. Commander Prior Bumble posted a blog regarding the status of the pandemic to provide us with safety guidance and courage.  The interview reminded soldiers of the importance of being cautious and staying healthy by wearing face masks, washing hands often, and following social distance protocols. This blog was posted on the 11th of March, 2020, two days before President Trump declared the pandemic a national emergency.  While we did not know as much about COVID-19 as we do now, the information provided in the blog was crucial and important to keeping our RFCP family safe from the disease. We were grateful for Prior Bumble’s strong and responsible leadership exhibited therein.  

Club Penguin scientist, Gary the Gadget Guy, was even featured in that blog!

Later on, in April, the Recruitment Coalition of RFCP announced a new fundraiser to raise ACTUAL money for those affected by the pandemic.  For each new recruit brought into the army, Prior Bumble himself would donate $1 to a COVID relief program called “Feed the Fight.” This program helped patronize shutdown-suffering small businesses and gave free meals to those front-line employees who had been working hard to help fight the virus. 

 A total of 66 recruits were brought in during the two weeks of the promotion.  Recruitment Coalition head, Gen. Anilia, brought in the most recruits: worth a whopping $23!  Many other members of the Recruitment Coalition, such as Gen. Sillabye also donated their own money IN ADDITION to Prior’s own donations.  On April 14th, 2020, Prior announced that RFCP raised $222 in total with all recruits and fundraisers included.  

The generosity of RFCP is unmatched; no other army has created such an incredible impact by converting virtual work into real-life charity.  As Prior himself said:

“This is the greatest army in Club Penguin,” said Prior, “for reasons like this. And I daresay, if we as a community continue to act as a force for good in the world, we will be one of the greatest armies in existence, period.

Where Are We Now?

While we are currently still recovering from this virus at the writing of this blog, we have made great strides as a population and as an army. COVID-19 is listed as the 9th deadliest pandemic ever. Fortunately, since the start of 2021, there has been a significant drop in cases and a rise in the vaccine rate.  In more recent news, the CDC announced that social distancing protocols have been reduced from 6 feet to 3 feet.  We can only hope that the pandemic will continue to lessen and will end in the near future.  But no matter what, RFCP will still do our best to make a difference, virtually and in real life.  

Stay safe folks.

What are YOUR thoughts about RFCP’s actions towards the pandemic? Let us know in the comment section below!


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