RFCP Responds to Coronavirus; Advice to Keep You Safe


All of you by now are aware that I view myself not only as a leader in our military game community, but also as a father and uncle to the many wonderful young people who call this place home. Our army is multinational and diverse.

I don’t assume to know how much access my soldiers have to other support and resources. For some, such assets are plentiful. Others may have little more than this army at this time in their lives as a resource, and I realize that. 

That is why I’ve decided to talk to you as a loving and concerned adult about COVID-19 and how the officers here at RFCP advise you to stay safe. RFCP hicom consulted with renowned scientist, Gary, on the information available to us to better educate our executive decsions in the army.

What is a pandemic?

A pandemic is a disease that spreads over a large territory with little response to inhibitors. 

What is COVID-19?

Currently, the world is experiencing the widespread transmission of a virus known as COVID-19, or coronavirus, which has flu symptoms but is more dangerous and less treatable. Unfortunately, many people have passed away because of this. 


Lately you may have been hearing grown-ups talk about this, and they might sound worried. Your parents may be stocking up on supplies and schools may decide to close for a while to keep you safe. My university announced today it would close. It is normal to feel confused or anxious because of all these changes. I will not sugar coat and say that these conditions are not scary. But I will say that being scared and panicking are two different things. We do not panic. We respond to fear with calmness, because calmness saves lives. We keep clear and brave heads and do what we can to help reduce the risks we face. This applies to all difficult situations, and such response is a virtue of being an RFCP enlsited.

How can I stay safe?

Wash your hands several times a day. Do not touch your face, eyes, mouth, etc. Especially for our gaming community, do not use a shared computer. Please use another device to play with us. Wipe down your keyboard and mouse regularly. 

Report to a trusted adult immediately if you feel sick. Avoid crowds.  Keep up with the news and stay informed by asking questions.

One of the hardest things about staying safe now is that it requires limited contact with other people. When humans aren’t able to be together, it makes us sad. We were meant to have each other. However, there is good news…

The Good News

RFCP is an online community. Our family can be together in large numbers without concern of trasmitting the virus. We are operating as normal. In fact, we should take this time to draw even nearer to one another and prove that family can be anything as long as there is love. We will come through this as nations, as a world, and as RFCP. Scary things help us learn and grow just a little closer into being the amazing men and women you one day will be. The First Amendment of the Constitution of the RFCP states that “Building character” is one of the core values of the army. We hope that guiding you through hardships of the wolrd contributes to this value. This army is full of good and compassionate adult role models who consider you the most important thing here. We will be here to help you understand and cope with anything that happens in this world.

I love you all. You probably still have questions! Please contact an officer and that officer can refer you to me for direct communication. 

Erat ipso sacra. 

Papa Prior

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