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Lights Out! RFCP Struck by Major Discord Outage. Commander Prior Orders Preparedness Reform

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It seems Prior Bumble was wrong.

In his previous blog post regarding COVID-19, he stressed that online communities such as RFCP are safe from the social threats of the pandemic at large. Days later, the first ever instance of global politics impacting RFCP politics occurred.

On March 16th, Discord announced it would be installing an update to increase user capacity. This was a direct response to the surge of activity on the platform due to COVID-19–those quarantined are using the website in greater numbers to stay connected, find alternative work environments, and, frankly, to goof off with their extra spare time.

The install backfired, and several servers crashed.

RFCP was among them.

But the universal nature of this setback was not immediately apparent to those who first noticed the icon’s disappearance from their server list. To some, the possibility that yet more vicious attacks on RFCP from those who oppose us could be responsible for the server’s deletion.

Hacking and illicit mass-reporting of the server (even though it breaks no terms of service) from our enemies could indeed cause such a loss to happen. While the entire army was suddenly marooned in individual DMs, Prior scoured forums in search of an answer, and was led to check for the exclamation point at the bottom of his screen that would prove a network outage provoked the disappearance. Indeed, he was relieved to find that it did.

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To assuage upset troops, Prior used the army’s alternative contact methods to send out updates.

However, this was not as effective as it should have been. Although the official Twitter has been up since last month, only six RFCP enlisted have come around to following it. The backup outreach platform was there, but the audience wasn’t.

Twenty minutes later, the server revived, and Prior announced:

The officers held a mandatory emergency-response preparedness meeting in #rfcp-summit fifteen minutes later.

Prior outlined steps soldiers should take now to be prepared in the event of any such occurrence.

“Discord temporarily going offline is not concerning,” he said, “but woke us up to the possibility of villains mass reporting our server. Such events would not destroy us, but we must take recovery steps now while we are safe.

Please take a moment to complete these two tasks for our emergency response preparedness:

1) Follow our twitter/make an account to follow our twitter https://twitter.com/Recon_Fed

2) Sign up to receive notifications when a blog is posted https://priorbumble.home.blog/

The third step was to encourage soldiers to fill out the official RFCP archive survey, which was sent around in late January and is designed to gather the community in other environments. If you are an enlisted RFCP and have not filled out this survey (it’s the only non-Feddie survey the army has ever sent), please contact an officer at your earliest convenience.

Other precautions Commander Prior laid out were:

RFCP blog caught Commander Prior as he was in the men’s room washing his hands for the “fourth” time that day.

BLOG: Sir, a moment of your time?

PRIOR: This is the men’s room.

BLOG: We only have a few questions, truly.

PRIOR: Make it fast.

BLOG: About the Discord breach–

PRIOR: It’s being handled.

BLOG: Would losing the server still hit hard after those precautions are in place?


BLOG: Why?

PRIOR: This outage made us stronger. After today, we are totally prepared for any such event, be it terroristic or a mere glitch of the network.

BLOG: Any steps you’ve taken not already mentioned?

PRIOR: We have sleeper servers that are RFCP server clones. They are code named at ZCA level clearance. We’d migrate there without missing a beat and will have everything archived. Hell, we may even use those servers for a few hours if another outage occurs.

BLOG: What are those sleeper servers code named?

PRIOR: As I said. That information isn’t being released at this time.

BLOG: Are anyone but you in them?

PRIOR: Also classified at this time.

BLOG: Any other comments?

PRIOR: RFCP is more than a server. As we proved when we declared independence from CPA, we are a totally self-sufficient community. If we ever get “deleted,” we will return again. And again. And again. Our bond is too strong to ever be exterminated by technological failure or technological warfare that is cowardly and has no place in Club Penguin armies.

BLOG: Thank you, Mr. Bumble.

PRIOR: Thanks, Doug.

BLOG: Hang on, we have one more question. Why is there a shamrock on your urinal drain?

PRIOR: Happy St. Patrick’s Day.

So there you have it. RFCP blog predicts this day will go down in the army’s history as a significant event, the first event of its kind involving real global conflict (COVID-19) that affected the army. Perhaps it will be remembered as even a positive one, for the executive decisions it prompted. Henceforth, it will be referred to as the Great Outage. Stay vigilant, everyone.

We note to our readers that the current website and blog is also backed up. The tragic fate of the hacked and deleted records of the People’s Republic Army, the army some consider to be RFCP’s grandfather, shall never befall us. May interactions online between all parties remain cordial and safe.

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