Victory Against the Romans

RFCP ended the Brutusian War undefeated. The army captured the last Roman stronghold, the isle of Walrus (CPW), and won the war not by way of treaty, but by extermination. No Roman territory remains on the map.

After days of waspish exchanges on the CPW Discord…

…the first battle of the war proved to be the only competitive one. Romans logged on with a max in the low to mid 20s, impressive for a newly revived army. They were crushed, however, as RFCP broke its max record of 30 in the War of No Return with a max of 36.

The showing was so staggering, cries of multilogging or flooding PCP alts in droves riddled the battle room. Commander Prior responded.

“On my honor as a Commander and a man, no CPW rule was broken to obtain this max: neither ally nor multilogging. This was hours of hard work and preparation. This was RFCP performing at its purist.”

Following this battle, which will be known as the Retrieval of Baskin Robbins, the air of confidence and vitriol whooshed out of the Romans. Team Yellow Army leader Darklink was proven to be multilogging with at least one account, VaderX2, and, although he had merged with the Romans days before, was forced to unmerge, pulling the rug from under the Romans. They mustered only three soldiers at the next battle, RFCP’s Defense of Beanie, which saw ACP arrive to contend against Romans as well. Caught between two fronts in two wars, Romans fled. RFCP and ACP had an unprecedented practice battle instead. Although RFCP outnumbered in 2 out 3 rooms, both sides claim victory in this non-official skirmish, because of course they do.

ACP, now leagueless, operates in CPAM, an army news site/organization dedicated to having no judges or government as it was in the days of ancient warfare. During Commander Prior’s service in the PRA, for instance, the PRA and the Nachos would battle and both simply announce on their blogs their own victory. The process is frustrating yet traditional.

In the remaining invasions, Romans did not show. Land was swept up effortlessly.

During a 9:30 p.m. EST invasion of Walrus, Prior, preoccupied with finalizing the army’s five new Constitutional Amendments, posted the battle rooms 9 minutes late, which violates CPW law. The battle was held, no Romans appeared, and no one noticed. It could have been a nonissue. However, Prior decided to hold true to his honor. He messaged a Roman hicom and pointed out the error. He asked if the Romans wouldn’t mind overlooking that mistake, since they have not been showing to any battles anyway.

The Romans said no and insisted the invasion be redone.

Commander Prior scheduled the reinvasion immediately.

The dust now settles. Roman helmets lay on the ground bloodied. RFCP’s first and long awaited war against the Romans is a decisive victory for the Recon Federation. It will be remembered in its histories for many key points:

  • Hosting a new RFCP max record of 36
  • Finally satisfying the tension between the two armies that dates back to October
  • The promotion of Field Marshal Coolj to Colonel
  • Gain of five new territories
  • The first time RFCP a) fought, and b) defeated ex-General Cabin in official battle since his departure

With this conclusion, RFCP acquires yet another victorious war against a max 20+ opponent. We celebrate.

Erat ipso sacra.

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